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Clark goes undefeated to win first regional tour event at a stop on Garden State Pool Tour

Timothy Clark, who, according to our records, had never received any level of cash prize for playing pool before, did so this past weekend (Sun., July 17) on the Garden State Pool Tour. He went through a short field, undefeated, to not only earn himself a cash payout, but to win the event, his first (recorded) anywhere. The same could be said for his opponent in the hot seat match and finals, Giancarlo Delgado, who recorded his first cash payout by being the runner-up. The C/D -Ball event drew 16 entrants to Black Diamond Billiards in Union, NJ.

Clark opened what turned out to be his first winning campaign with two 6-3 victories over Kervin Santamaria and Benjamin Zimmerman to arrive at a winners’ side semifinal against Jay Pass. Delgado opened up with a 5-2 win over Tom Paylou and followed up with a 6-1 win over John Egeln to arrive at his winners’ side semifinal against Alex Vangelov.

Clark and Pass battled to double hill, before Clark finished it to advance to the hot seat match. He was joined by Delgado, who’d sent Vangelov west 5-2. Clark claimed his first hot seat with a 5-2 win over Delgado. 

On the loss side, Pass picked up Sung Lee, who’d lost his opening match to Zimmerman and was working on a three-match winning streak that had recently eliminated Gary Johnson 6-4 and Nicole Adams 7-1. Vangelov drew Paylou, who’d also lost his opening match (to Delgado) and was working on his own three-match winning streak in which he had given up a total of only three racks over 21 games, including none at all to Luigi Damion and one to Jorge Cappillo.

Pass and Lee battled to double hill before Lee prevailed, advancing to the quarterfinals. He was joined by Vangelov, who’d defeated Paylou 5-3. Vangelov ended Lee’s loss-side run in those quarterfinals 6-3. 

The semifinal rematch between Vangelov and Delgado went double hill, before Delgado finished it for a second shot at Clark, waiting for him in the hot seat. The momentum of winning a double hill semifinal didn’t seem to help Delgado much, as that second shot turned in to a second victory for Clark, who gave up one less rack in the final than he had given up battling for the hot seat. He claimed the event title 5-1.

The next stop on the Garden State Pool Tour, scheduled for this weekend, Saturday, July 23, will be an A/B/C/D Women’s Amateur event, hosted by Shooter’s Family Billiards in Wayne, NJ.

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Nick Quaglia Takes Down Garden State Tour’s First Event

Max Watanabe and Nick Quaglia

Weather in New Jersey was supposed to be bad on Saturday Afternoon, the 17th. Eleven players showed up for this first event, in a new pool room as well. Black Diamond Billiards located in Union, New Jersey.
Players such as Max Watanabe, Teddy "One Peace" Lapadula, John (JACK) Egeln, David Fitzpatrick to play in this amateur A-D event.
The format was 9-Ball races to 6, alternate breaks, and rack your own. Double elimination. Finals were, one race to 9. Even though there were only 11 players, $100 was still added.
The Top 4 players received trophies as well as QuicSlicks from Billiard Engineering . The bracket was split for a A-B side & a C-D side. Nick Quaglia was placed on the A-B side as well as David Fitzpatrick and Teddy Lapadula.  Max Watanabe and Marcelo Adinolfi were the A & B class players. On the lower side C-D Class players. John Egeln, Ralph  Ramos Sr. & Ralph Ramos Jr, Kevin Serodio , Mark Lamberti.
Max & Marcelo was the first match to be called. A battle however Max won a 6 to 4.  David & Teddy battled it out to a 6 to 5 win for Teddy.
On the C-D side of the chart Mark Lamberti was coming through with 3 hill hill wins, then sent Kevin Serodio to the one lose side.
Max and Nick traded games back and forth. At hill-hill, the 7 & 9 were stuck in an awkward position. Max attempted to play a safe. Nick took advantage and advanced to play Mark.
Mark couldn't hold on and Nick won 6 to 1, sending Nick into the Finals. 
On the one lose side John Egeln was showing what an old timer can do. After losing a first round hill hill match to Kevin Serodio, John won 6-2 , 6-0 , and 6-1 to get his rematch.
John took an early 3 to 1 lead, but after hanging a couple 9-Balls he lost his momentum and Kevin took advantage and won 6 to 4. On the one loss A-B side, Marcelo took care of business beating David Fitzpatrick 6 to 5 and Teddy Lapadula 6 to 2 which set up a rematch with Max. These two traded shot for shot, before Max was able to come through for a 6 to 5 win. 
Kevin Serodio then had to play Max and Max got on a roll to steamroll Kevin 6 to 1. Max's next match was against Mark Lamberti and the winner would advance to play Nick in the Finals.This was a real David vs. Goliath match. Whatever Max would do, Mark found a way to answer, kicking and banking balls in. The match was really closer than indicated by the final score of 6-4.
The finals started slow. One race to 9, but after the players fought to a 3-3 tie Nick started to pick up steam. When Nick led 7-4, Max came back with 2 more racks making it 7-6. They then traded racks for an 8-7 score  In the last game Max misplayed a crucial safety on the 7 ball. Nick played a nice 3 ball run and clinched the win for the tours first event. The final 4 players cashed, received beautiful trophies and QuicSlicks. 
David Fitzpatrick is the tournament director of The Garden State Pool Tour and he thanked the players who came out for the tournament, Kneil Shah – owner of Black Diamond Billiards – for hosting the event and Billiards Engineering for their donations of the QuicSlicks.  The Garden State Tour's next event is March 24,2018 again at Black Diamond Billiards. That event will be a Ladies 9-Ball Open event.
More information about the tour can be found out on the tour's Facebook page. FACEBOOK: Garden State Pool Tour NJ.