TAR 24 – Van Boening vs Bustamante

This weekend watch two of the worlds greatest pool players go head to head live on streaming Pay Per View. 

OB Cues presents TAR 24 featuring Francisco Bustamante taking on Shane Van Boening in a $5000 per man 10 Ball TAR match. These two champions are going head to head January 13 and 14th with a final set play off on Sunday the 15th if required. The format is 10 Ball, race to 25, two out of three sets. Winner takes the $10,000 prize fund. Match sponsors for this event are CueSports International ( www.playcsipool.com ) and AZ Billiards ( www.azbilliards.com )

The Action Report is the leader in live streaming pool matches and this one is sure to be one of the best we have ever done. For more information on how to watch Shane Van Boening vs Francisco Bustamante LIVE this weekend please visit www.theactionreport.com