TAR 36: Dechaine takes on Jayson Shaw this week-end!

Jayson Shaw and Mike Dechaine

Our friends at The Action Report have put together another epic battle between two rising talents of the game: Mike Dechaine and Jayson Shaw will be battling it out this week-end:

TAR 36 will take place at the TAR Studio in Las Vegas NV on September 27-29, 2013. The format is 10 Ball race to 27, two out of three sets.

This match is sponsored by CueSports International.

We hope everyone will be able to join in for the live pay per view coverage of these two great players going at it head to head in the classic TAR format.

TAR’s Justin Collett added “I made this match because these two have been barking back and forth for a long time. So I thought what better way to settle it than on the TAR table. I’m looking forward to this one.”