Team Bishop Flawless at AWBT Fundraiser

Evans and Justine Bishop

Laura Kelly-Phillips and Time Out Lounge in Tempe again generously hosted the AWBT Annual Scotch Doubles Fundraiser held Saturday February 17th. Thirty teams participated in the event, which was half a dozen more than the next highest number of teams in the past.

Team Diana Clayton and Louie Fratini was the team to watch, as they were the reigning champions from the previous two years! The buzz around the room from the minute they entered the door was, “Would they do a three-peat?” However it was not meant to be as they were sent packing by newcomer Ebony Kelly and her partner Mike Kupsco in the fifth round.

Two particular teams played dominated throughout the day. The duos of Justine and Evans Bishop and Holly Ryan and Mike Howerton tore through their respective opponents with little resistance and then finally met up with each other for the hot seat match. Team Bishop beat team Ryan/Howerton with a score of 2 – 1.

Team Bishop took a short break as Ryan/Howerton battled it out with Maddy Alverado and Charles Peten to decide who will be team Bishop’s next opponent. However after losing the first game in the race to two, Ryan/ Howerton took control of the next two games to seal the deal and head towards a rematch with the Bishops.

Being a true double elimination tournament Ryan/ Howerton would have to beat the Bishops two sets of a race to two for the win, but it never got that far. Howerton broke for the fist game and scratched. With ball in the kitchen the Bishops ran the table out. Team Bishop broke the rack in game two and Ryan/ Howerton had no option but to sit and act as spectators as the Bishops again ran out. In what must have been one of the fastest conceivable finals, within less than 7 approximate minutes the tournament was over with a final score of 2 – 0.

Several events took place to aid in raising money for the AWBT annual points fund. Twenty-Three teams participated in the $5 side pot which brought in a total of $115. A quarter of the pot ($29) will be put into the AWBT points fund. The remaining three-quarter ($86) went to the last team standing which was team Justine and Evans Bishop. Thank you to everyone who chipped in for the side pot. Additionally a raffle for a beautiful J. Pechauer custom cue valued at $470 took place in which $315 was raised for the AWBT. Congratulations to Kevin Swader for winning the beautiful cue! The highly anticipated annual Crock Pot Contest also took place with seven tasty entries. The total amount of money collected for the AWBT from the contest was $61.60. The winner was Barbara Allen with her Frito Pie creation! She took home $20.50 for her culinary effort. A grand total of $405.60 was raised for the points fund. Thank you to everyone who participated.