The “Bishop” Checkmates Klimas

Bob Klimas, Ann Merseal and Evans Bishop

Evans Bishop Wins Az State Bar Box 9-Ball Tournament At Alexanders

The First Annual Arizona State Bar Box 9-Ball Championships were held at Alexanders Sports Bar on June 28th & 29th. The field was maxed out at sixty four players and sported most of the top nine-ball players in the state of Arizona. Alexanders added $500.00 to the tournament prize fund. Four side pots were made available. The total dollars paid out was $3720.00. Evans Bishop is now Arizona's most recent State Champion. Evans defeated Bob Klimas in the finals of this tournament forcing the "Klimatic One" to settle for second place. Doug Hale, who most considered the favorite to win this State Championship, finished third while Steve Murray made a great showing with his fourth place finish. Jack Rippel and Eric Olson tied for 5th/6th and Tres "Big Daddy" Kane, along with Mike Williams rounded out the top eight places.

Evans made a terrific run to the championship. Never losing a set along the way, Evans started the tournament with a hill/hill win over Main Street Tucson house pro Don Westbrooks. After that win Evans sent packing to the one-loss side Tony Confalone, Bob Soto, Tres Kane, Jack Rippel, and Bob Klimas for the hot seat. After Bob eliminated Doug Hale in the one loss side final, Evans then defeated Bob for the second time, only this time it was for the championship by the score of 13-7 in an extended one race final. Evans trailed in the championship match at one time 2-5. The tournament format had all players racing to nine games on the winners side and eight games on the losers side until the finals.

Evans took home the first place money, a "Jump Daddy" custom cue, and of course the first place trophy. The "Jump Daddy" custom cues were awarded to the top four finishers and the trophies given to the top three players were courtesy of Chuck Bobbitt (Visual Impressions).

Alexanders turned away a few players because the field was limited to sixty four players. Make sure you sign up early next year for the second Annual Arizona State Bar Box 9-Ball Championships. Congratulations to Evans on his win.


1st $1,270.00 Evans Bishop
2nd 995.00 Bob Klimas
3rd 445.00 Doug Hale
4th 240.00 Steve Murray
5/6th 150.00 Jack Rippel
5/6th 150.00 Eric Olson
7/8th 75.00 Tres Kane
7/8th 75.00 Mike Williams
9-12th 50.00 Glenn Bond
9-12th 50.00 Mike Sandoval
9-12th 50.00 Ron Merseal
9-12th 50.00 Mike Gillick
13-16th 30.00 Max Ramirez
13-16th 30.00 Frank Alvarez
13-16th 30.00 John Dial
13-16th 30.00 Tyson Cole