Team Final is Sweden V Portugal

Karlsson (left) and Peeters Foto: EPBF/DK

Dutch team ousted by a margin

Saturday, 13 August 2011: The Swedish Team will play Team Portugal in the finals of the Dynamic European Seniors Championships. Sweden defeated The Netherlands with 2:1 while Portugal won over Belgium with 3:0.

The team match between The Netherlands and Sweden was full of excitement. It was again Gijs van Helmond (NED) to draw first blood over Tom Eksell (SWE), winning the 8-ball with 7:2. Magnus Lindgren (SWE) tied the score to 1:1 when he defeated Jimmy Worung (NED) with the same clear result in 10-ball. The decision had to be found in the 9-ball match. Rene Peters (NED) was up against Kent Karlsson (SWE). The first racks, Karlsson left the far better impression on the spectator, gaining a comfortable 4:1 lead over Peeters. Before the 5th rack, Peeters went for a time-out. He must have used it in a very good way since he managed to win the next four racks, now leading 6:4 over Karlsson. But The Swede did not even think about giving in. He struck back and made the score 6:6. At that point in time, it was clear that this 9-ball encounter would decide the team match. Both players started playing a bit more careful. In the 15th rack when the score was 7:7, Karlsson suddenly missed a really easy 8-ball and gave Peeters the chance reach the hill before him. But it was Karlsson's break coming up in the 16th rack. Karlsson seemed to be unimpressed and ran the rack, tying the match at 8:8. The 15th and final rack was a drama in itself. Peeters broke the balls and pocketed the 1-ball and the 6-ball on the break shot. He tried to pocket the 2-bal over one rail but he missed, leaving everything wide open for Karlsson. The Swede made some balls and played bad position on the 7-ball which he missed. Peeters came to the table, made the 7-ball and left the 8-ball hanging over the pocket. The Dutch teammates who were really keeping their fingers crossed for Peeters let their shoulders down. They knew it was over now. Karlsson pocketed the 8-ball and the 9-ball and won the match 9:8 and the team encounter 2:1 for Sweden.

In the other semi-final match, the favoured Portuguese Team ousted Team Belgium quite clearly with 3:0. Henrique Correia defeated Pascal Budo in 10-ball with 7:4, Luis Torres won the 9-ball clearly with 9:5 over Steve Lambrechts and Manuel Pereira got the 8-ball match, winning 6:5.

Team Sweden will now play Team Portugal for the Gold Medal.

The European Championships are hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website , follow us on twitter @EPBF_News or contact our press office.