Texas Open Last Day

Robb Saez


The Texas 9 Ball Open is underway on its final day. Several big names are in attendance such as Rob Saez (last year’s first place winner), Joey Grey (last year’s second place winner), David Henson, Charlie Bryant, Sylver Ochoa, Jeremy Jones, Bastrop Sr., Corey Deuel, C.J Wiley, and Tom Mooney. The ladies had an abundance of talent as well with Melissa Little, Ming Ng, Vivian Villareal, Belinda Calhoun, Amanda Lampert, Elizabeth Lovely, Michelle Abernathy, Jennifer Kraber, Kim Sanders and Nicole Keeney.

Finishing in 17-24th place on the men’s are David Henson, Marc Garza, John Palmore, Chris Vollmar, C.J Wiley, Leroy Mathis, and Bob Pyles. So far 13th-16th place is Corey Deuel, with matches still going.

On the women’s side finishing 13th-16th are Ming Ng, Julia Rapp, and Amanda Lampert. Finishing in 7th place is Michelle Abernathy who managed to come back from behind on Nicole Keeney only to dog an easy 9 in the corner pocket.

Up and coming matches are Vivian Villareal v/s Kim Pierce for the hot seat. On the women’s one loss side, Melissa Little v/s Kim Sanders, and Nicole Keeney is waiting on a match after her 7-2 win against Belinda Calhoun. On the men’s side Joey Grey v/s Manny Chau, Chip Compton v/s Rob Saez and on the one loss side Kevin Guimond v/s Charlie Bryant, Jeremy Jones v/s Sam Manole and Sylver Ochoa is waiting to face the winner of the Guimond/Bryant match.

Some interesting matches early on included Rob Saez v/s Jeremy Jones. Jeremy was up 5-2, Rob ran a 6 pack to get back in it and then played a safe to go on and win the match. Kim Pierce pulled off a big upset against Belinda Calhoun with a 7-5 victory to earn her shot at the hot seat against Vivian. Kim Sanders took Amanda Lampert with a 7-5 victory and Rene Benton 7-4. Stay tuned as we keep you up to date on the action at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock Texas.