The Accu-Stats 14.1 Straight Pool Invitational. Sept 4-7, 2008

Ralf Souquet (File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe)

With Johnny Archer, Ralf Souquet, John "Mr. 400" Schmidt, Jose Parica, and Thorsten Hohmann, Accu-Stats embarks on a new venture -- Invitational Tournaments and Live Internet broadcasts. Straight pool participation is on the rise. Why? Players know that the skills honed playing 14.1 improves all games, especially 8-Ball and 1-Pocket.

“We have the opportunity to bring the fans the tournament action they demand and at the same time, control our own product,” says Accu-Stats owner and 2008 BCA Hall of Fame inductee, Pat Fleming. "Unlike TV, when you are part of an Accu-Stats Video Productions, your presence is forever, and you can view it any time you want."

Pros love being part of an Accu-Stats' production. "Except when you dog it," laughs Mr. 400. "Having made a Straight Pool “Player Review” DVD with Accu-Stats, it really helped me see my strengths--and my weaknesses! So, I get to improve. And, if I can improve, what's it doing for the amateur player who wants to get better?"

In the 20 match Double Round Robin format- each contestant will play each other twice, "In 60 point matches!" says Fleming. "We want to keep the pressure at boiling point. Each time you come to the table, every stroke is critical.  One misplayed shot here, and it could be all over.”

If a player does get on a roll, after he sinks the game ball, he'll have the opportunity to run to 100, 150, or more for cash bonuses and a “Player Review” where he narrates his own DVD. "That's when I really find out how I think,"  says Archer, "and, the viewer gets to find out too."

The innovative format will generate 10 DVDs with commentary by Accu-Stats' own, Billy Incardona and Danny Diliberto. Plus, with runs of 100 or more, even more DVDs, like Schmidt's, will evolve into instructional “player reviews.”

Unless on the road taping The U.S. Open or The Diamond Derby City Classic, the Accu-Stats Arena will be at Comet Billiards. "This gives us the opportunity to produce tournaments, challenge matches, exhibitions, and instructionals, all of which will evolve into DVDs and internet broadcasts. Now, for Accu-Stats, the sky's the limit," beams Fleming.

Very Limited Seating – Every seat is a VIP seat but only 60 seats are available and then it's standing room only.  Also, everyone, who purchases a ticket, gets a free DVD of their choice. Visit or call 800.828.0397 for more information on season passes and individual ticket purchases.