The Best Pool Players Of Our Times

Pool. It’s a great game. And a round or two with friends is a thrill that many across the world have indulged in. A great recreational sport, it’s a familiar sight both in the breakout zones of corporate-offices as well as spaces in more casual entertainment zones. Some of us even may have a pool table at home. Of course, that’s only in case of the ones among us who like taking things to the next level.
Pool can be serious business too. And betting on pool games is a big thing. You can click here for the top free bet offers and make the most of every penny you bet on pool by starting off with some free bets to help you get the hang of how sports betting, and pool betting in particular, works. The serious betting, of course, happens in the professional competitions, but the internet has democratized many things that were once for only a select few and the ease and accessibility of online sports betting online has made it something that anyone can do. Knowing who the best pool players are, though, should give you a much greater chance of winning by placing smart and strategic bets. 
This gentleman from the Philippines is considered to be one of the greatest pool players of all time. Now when you think of Philippines, islands are the first thing that come to mind. Pool is not even among the first few things you relate Philippines with. Yet Efren known the world over for his unique style and success has put this beautiful game and himself on the map. 
He’s Dutch. And in some circles known as the ‘Terminator’. His coldness and safety measures seem to be his biggest assets and he has won multiple titles based on them. 
He’s known as the “South Dakota Kid” and is considered by many to be the best pool player in the United States. There are two things that separate him from other players – he plays wearing a glove and uses a closed bridge every time he plays. 
He’s made his journey through Blackball and moved on to American Pool; and has been winning titles ever since. In 2014 he picked up the Pool World Cup.
Here’s another great player having a connection with the Philippines. However, Alex grew up in Canada, a country which you will not necessarily associate with pool but hockey – a game that wins favour even with the Russian president. But all this aside, Alex does stand as one of the most famous players in the world. 
These are just five of the biggest names in the world of pool. And this list is in no way comprehensive. It can forever be debated on who is the greatest player out there in the field. But one thing is certain whenever we care to have a talk or draw up a list of the best in the business these names will always be a part of it. And justifiably so because their talents ensure that when it comes to their favourite sport, they stand in a league of their own.