The EPBF Euro-Tour

A story of success

Thursday, 18 August 2011: The Euro-Tour was founded by the EPBF in May 1992. Since then, it has been organized continuously each year with an amount of five to seven events annually. The Tour has stopped in almost every European country so far and has undergone some changes in its structure during the years to come to today’s format. Nowadays, between 200 and 256 player per tournament compete for the titles and the Euro-Tour can be named as the toughest tournament to win with the strongest fields worldwide.

The two main ideas behind the inauguration of the Tour were the creation of a European ranking system that would be convincing and the raise of standard of the European top player’s level of performance by offering them a steady stage to compete against each other. The Euro-Tour has been the birthplace of many European players’ international careers and will definitely be the yardstick for upcoming stars to find out if they can make it to the top in our sport or not. Over the years, many players from outside Europe have participated in the Euro-Tour as well. Athletes from the USA, Asia, Africa and South America have made their way to Europe in order to compete with the best. All of them were amazed about the level that was offered to them in the various events.

Today, the Euro-Tour normally consists of six events annually with a prize money pool of over 42.000 € each tournament. The event is hosted by the leading governing body for pool in Europe, the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by its marketing branch International Billiard Promotion IBP. “We are very happy with the development of the Tour”, says Gre Leenders, President of the EPBF. “We have come a long way in order to find us where we are today, being the leading Tour on the planet in our sport”. “We have massively invested in our equipment and today, we are second to none with regards to tournament program and database, venue setup, digital arena, LiveStream and logistics”, stated David Morris, President of the IBP. “Our equipment is hauled to each tournament by a 40 tons truck. And the truck is full !”, comments Morris.

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