The Hill-Hill’s stop at Dunlop

Brian Bedford and Brian McDougall

The weather was good, roads clean and clear of snow, kind of mild I would say, and 41 players of good caliber gathered together at Dunlop Billiards where “Samantha” made it a pleasure for “Us” to be there.

On Sunday, six players returned to Dunlop Billiards to finish out the 24th stop of the Canadian 30K tour.

Last 4 players on the A side were:
Chris Jenkins (8+) vs. Terry Davidson (6) (match is 9-6) and Chris prevailed in a hill-hill match. Good stuff Chris. (hill-hill # 1)

Bottom had Brian McDougall (7+) vs. Tol Kuy (7+) (match is 7-7) and Brian McDougall pulled a runner 7-1.

This set the “Hot Seat” match between Brian McDougall (7+) and Chris Jenkins (8+), where Chris rattled a 9 ball to go hill-hill. Brian cut the efforts short with a 7-6 win and sent Chris to grind the hard way on the one loss side with the rest of the sharks to battle it out for a chance at the final.

Sundays first match at 12 noon was between Bruce Hickey (7) vs. Terry Davidson (6) and Bruce dominated the game with a 7-4 score. Terry settled for 5/6th.

The second match on the one loss side had Grace Nakamura (5+) vs. Tol Kuy (7+). Grace lost her first match on the A side and now had 7 wins straight. She had wins over a bye, Hal Borchardt, Dave Osborne, Mike Loponen, Jason Klatt, George Cornelius and Chris Orme going hill-hill (hill-hill # 2) to face Tol Kuy for one more hill-hill (hill-hill # 3) match but this time Tol Kuy emerged as the victor and Grace settled for 5/6th. Grace Nakamura's best finish yet in the 30K Tour. Congratulations on a well deserved placing.

Tol Kuy (7+) vs. Bruce Hickey (7) had Tol Kuy prevailing by another hill-hill (hill-hill # 4) match. Bruce Hickey took 4th.

Next we had Chris Jenkins (8+) vs. Tol Kuy (7+) and a battle ensued between these two players where Chris got the upper hand by an 8-5 score and took the Super Express to the A side.

The final stage was set and the combatants were eager to begin. Chris Jenkins (8+) carried over the momentum from his B side victory and won the first match of the final defeating Brian McDougal (7+) 8-6 on an excitement packed hill-hill game. This time Chris got the ticket to go one more time on the Merry Go Round and after 10 minutes break they re-engaged in what everyone expected to be an all out war. The final match was a one sided affair though. Brian McDougall kicked it into high gear and steam rolled his way to a 7-1 victory over Chris Jenkins to win the 24th stop of the Canadian 30K Tour.