The International Pool Tour Announces Gorina as the Official Cloth of the IPT

(CHICAGO, IL,) The International Pool Tour is proud to announce that Gorina S.A. has been chosen to manufacture and supply Official IPT Cloth. This announcement comes after months of the IPT testing different brands and blends of cloth for its tournaments and Certified Room program.

Gorina S.A., established in 1835 outside Barcelona, Spain, is known for making some of the world's finest textiles for the billiards industry as well as the fashion industry. Many of the finest hand-made business suits in the world are made with fabrics from the Gorina mill. The high level of quality of these fabrics from Gorina S.A. is demanded by the fashion industry. The same level of care and execution goes into Gorina's manufacturing of the world's finest cloth for billiard games. The International Pool Tour has chosen Gorina to produce its official cloth because of their commitment to excellence and the use of only the finest wools available. Gorina S.A. is a family owned and operated multi-national company as it was over 170 years ago. Gorina will produce two different cloth options that both meet strict IPT specifications for quality:

Gorina IPT Tournament Cloth – The finest quality, slow nap woolen cloth is what the IPT Professional Players play on during the major tournaments. Gorina IPT Tournament Cloth is the most difficult cloth in the world on which to master playing, and one of the most difficult cloths to manufacture. Only the longest strands of wool fiber are expertly woven to create this traditional slow-nap cloth. Playing on this cloth requires having a superior stroke and the best mechanics, which is why the IPT uses it and why only the best players in the world excel on it. Room owners who choose this tournament cloth for their tables will be giving their customers a taste of what life is like on the IPT tour!

Gorina IPT Recreation / Pro Cloth - Many players today are accustomed to playing on fast worsted cloth such as Simonis 860. Worsted cloth is the most durable and lasts the longest of all recreational cloth. Worsted cloth makes playing conditions and pocketing balls easier. Gorina IPT Recreational/Pro Cloth is the finest worsted cloth made anywhere in the world. It is superior in quality, durability, and playability to any other worsted cloth on the market and it is the perfect choice for pocket billiard rooms.

"The Gorina brand is synonymous with quality and performance. The International Pool Tour is proud to be associated with the Gorina family and their high performance cloth for all billiard games." Deno J. Andrews, Director, International Pool Tour.