Simonis is the Official Cloth of CueSports International

CueSports International (CSI) is proud to announce a partnership in which Iwan Simonis, Inc. has renewed its commitment as the Official Cloth of CueSports International, the BCA Pool League and USA Pool League. Simonis Cloth will continue to be used in CSI, BCA Pool League and USA Pool League events, including the BCA Pool League World Championships and USA Pool League National Championships in Las Vegas which are part of the global pool spectacle known as the CueSports International Expo.

Simonis has long been the premier pool table cloth manufactured for superior consistency, accuracy and durability. Simonis Cloth can be found on pool tables all over the world and is the choice of professional players and amateurs alike.

​Ozzy Reynolds, CEO of CueSports International, said “It’s difficult to name a company or brand with the longevity and reputation that Simonis has achieved. We are very happy to partner with such a great company and use Simonis Cloth in order to provide a great experience for our members.”

Ivan Lee, CEO of Iwan Simonis, Inc., said “I’m pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with CSI, their leagues and events. Ozzy and his team do a great job of bringing excitement and high-quality competition to their members through their commitment to the players and the use of best-in-class products like Simonis Cloth.”

 ​Founded in 1680 in Verviers, Belgium, Iwan Simonis S.A. is the oldest company in the billiard industry. Iwan Simonis, Inc. is the North American home of the Simonis family of billiard brands including Simonis Cloth and Aramith Balls. For more information about Simonis, visit

CueSports International is an international pool league and event leader and is comprised of three divisions: CSI leagues, CSI events and CSI media. CSI leagues manages the BCA Pool League, one of the oldest and largest pool leagues in the world. It also manages the USA Pool League, a newer but fast-growing amateur league completely powered by FargoRate. CSI events produces numerous amateur and professional events around the globe. CSI media creates live streaming and digital content. Through its progressive vision and strategic alliances, CSI is “Shaping the future of pool.”

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