The Legends and Champions Pool Tour Presents The Magnificent 7

It is finally going to happen and a lucky few will bare witness to a little piece of history as the Legends and Champions Pool Tour presents "THE MAGNIFICENT 7". "I have wanted to put this together for some time now and I have finally got all the pieces of the puzzle together" said Mark   (T-Wheels) Cantrill the promoter and Agent to Professional pool players.
This VIP exclusive weekend will be open to only 20 participants that will be held at Billiards Ink (Formerly Table Steaks South) in Denver, CO on November 12th, 13th and 14th 2010. "The Magnificent 7" are  group of living legends that will probably never be in the same room at the same time ever again to tell their stories from the past and share their memories of the road and tournament play.
The Magnificent 7 are as follows,
Buddy (The Riffleman) Hall
Keith (Earthquake) McCready
Johnny (The Scorpion) Archer
Mike (Captain Hook) Sigal
Jimmy (Pretty Boy Floyd) Mataya
Nick (The Kentucky Colonel) Varner
Earl (The Pearl) Strickland
As I am sure you agree that is quite a line up of Billiards history and sure to be a great experience. "I had to tug a couple of them out of retirement to make this happen but once I told them the line up they all wanted to be a part of the reunion and meet some of the loyal fans who remember "The good old days" Commented Cantrill.
The schedule for this historic event is as follows and will be in a private setting and all meal are included and will be eated together as a group:
Friday November 12th
7:00pm - Champagne reception/meet and greet at Billiards Ink.
Saturday November 13th
9:00am - Breakfast (cooked to order)
10:00am - Pool Clinic
All VIP guests will be separated into groups of 3 and will then spend one hour with each of the seven pros. The pros can obviously only show you so much in that time frame and so they will be be focusing on answering your questions about the game and showing you some of their own tricks of the trade. there will be a 5 to 10min break between each hour.
1:00pm - Lunch.
2:00pm - restart the clinic.
7:00pm - dinner
We will be done for the day but I imagine that the night will not be over.
Sunday November 14th
9:00am - Breakfast.
10:00am - Begin the Pro-Am Scotch Doubles Tourney. A 20 team bracket will be in place for a 9-Ball single elimination race to three. Each Vip guest will be drawn to play with one of the Pros, As a pro is eliminated he will be assigned a new partner from the remaining VIP guests.
There will be a $200.00 prize for the winning team and a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
Lunch will be served around 1:30pm during the tourney.
3:00pm - Q&A Session/Story time, The pros will answer all your questions and tell some of their stories from all their years on the road that some of them have shared. This part is probably gonna be very funny.
5:00pm (Aprox depending on how long the Magnificent 7 keep talking) - Break to change and rest for a few.
7:00pm - Farewell Banquet and Awards. (Probably Surf n Turf).
8:00pm - Exhibition, Each of the Pros will do a 25-30 min show that highlights their own personal exhibitions.
11.30pm - Photos, autographs and Farewells.
All food is included in the price
The fee per VIP for this once in a lifetime piece of History is $2,499.00 USD.
For more information or to sign up please contact Mark Cantrill at 480-612-7732 or Email We have hotels that are offering a group rate to our guests at the Hyatt for $89.00 per night  and La Quinta for $62.00 per night. We will be shuttling our VIPs back and forth twice a day.
* If we do not fill the 20 spots for this event all money will be returned.