The Monk Announces The Performance Pool Tour

The Monk has recently sent correspondence to us about a new venture he has initiated called the Performance Pool Tour.  The tour itself is put into motion to “…encourage players to strive for excellence in pocket billiards…and is a place where a player can measure his progress and make an adjustment on how he will become a better player.” The Monk has stated that “excellence will always be rewarded on the PPT.”

As you will note from the information below, this is a unique concept that may require additional details, so stop into the following two sites to find out more: or

From The Monk directly:  

Tour Members:

As a member of the Performance Pool Tour you are a special part of this unique experience. You are in a position to learn some valuable things about pocket billiards and how to improve your personal game. You also share some great times when you interact with other players on the tour.  You will appreciate this wonderful chance to perform in front of an audience and be cheered on by your friends.

The game is played for the sheer fun of it along with the opportunity to improve your skills. Still, you will be rewarded with a fine cash payout in the National Tournaments at the end of the season. All you need to do to qualify for the Nationals is play for twenty-five weeks or twenty-five matches. Your performance is all that matters. No one is going to play a safe on you, no one is going to run out on you, no one is going to shark you or pressure you into missing the shot. There are no hard feelings among players.

In this game: There is no age limit, there are no restrictions to where it can be played. You can play from your home or favorite tavern or pool hall or church or firehouse. All you need is an internet connection, webcam and Skype service.

Having Fun Is The Top Priority:

You and your opponent will shuffle the deck and deal out seven cards. Your opponent chooses seven cards for you. When you get your cards, each of you will give back two cards.

If you are dealt seven low point cards you have the option of a DECLARE. With a DECLARE, you will be shooting each card discipline two times. If you fail, you get no points for the match. If you succeed you get the card point total and a one hundred point bonus.

You could go ALL IN. With this DECLARE you will get the points of the cards, plus a two hundred point bonus. If you fail however, you will lose two hundred points off your total tour points for the season.

You are allowed to play a card twice. You can do this even if you failed on the first try. If you fail on the second attempt the card points will be deducted from your total score. If you fail the first time, no points are deducted.  

You cannot play an opening shot twice.

You cannot play the three ball exercise twice.

You cannot play the five ball exercise twice.  

Before you attempt your shot you must allow your opponent to approve the set up.

All cards have point values.

If you score the three ball exercise in three shots you get twenty five points. Four shots, you get fifteen points. Anything over four shots you lose ten points on your score.

If you score four in the five ball exercise you get twenty five points. A five gives you twenty points, a six give you ten points. Anything over a six you will deduct ten points from your score.

Each player will fill out the score sheet. You must email the total score to the Home Office along with seven dollars league dues for the match. You can post a credit card and pay the years dues of $175.00 if you like.

The Tour Membership kit cost $59.95.

“The Performance Pool Tour Rules”:

A match is scheduled for a specific time and day of the week.

Each player has a Tour Membership Kit which includes fifty two cards, a DVD, and score sheets.

Each player will shuffle the cards and deal out seven to his opponent. The player then has the option of trading two cards back to his opponent.

Opening shot – This will be a card drawn from the remaining cards on the table. This shot cannot be performed twice.

A thirty second quiet time must exist while the shooter is shooting.

Each player will keep the official score unless otherwise agreed that one keeps score.

The league is set up in segments. Each segment has twenty six players listed. You will be playing twenty five matches within that segment. You can request which week night you would like to compete in. You are welcome to shoot in more than one segment. This twenty five match schedule is designed to prepare your for the National Tournament. Use it to enhance your skills. Use it to enjoy yourself. Use it to meet new players. Use it to turn in your performance. Make up your mind you will become a great player. The Performance Pool Tour will give you that chance.

Order your Membership Kit and request a night to play. We will place you in the proper segment and send you your schedule. Good luck. Feel free to contact The Monk Home Office with any questions or comments.

May all the rolls go your way,

The Monk