The National Snooker Expo 2018

Date:  26-27 May 2018
Place: England
Venue: Hazel Grove Snooker Club, Stockport, England.
Duration: 2 days
An agreement with National Snooker Expo Limited and Hazel Grove Snooker Club Stockport, UK was reached today as part of the official launch of its inaugural National Snooker Expo event set to take place 26-27 May 2018. The launch was attended by the Director of the National Snooker Expo Jason Lawrence and principal club owner Mr. Dino Georgiou.
“The National Snooker Expo is a new project aimed to bring both cue-sport players and the billiard industry together under one roof offering tournaments and trading platforms to run side by side. Playing host to this inclusive experience is Stockport’s Hazel Grove Snooker Club, located in the North West of England. Utilising this top-class facility which features no less than 28 full size Snooker tables in spacious surroundings, a
pro-match arena, American Pool tables and UK 8-Ball Pool tables we are able to place the passion of the club’s fans at the heart of this event. The club has been operating for nearly 35 years and during this time has hosted many tournaments and exhibitions featuring top professional snooker champions and players over the years such as Ken Doherty, Bill Werbeniuk amongst others.” Explained Mr. Georgiou.
With initially three tournaments for players to enter, the National Snooker Expo 2018 will create innovative promotions and industrial initiatives to entice cue-sport fans closer to the action. From juniors and female cue sport enthusiasts through to seasoned professional, all are welcomed and encouraged to test their skills against their peers and best from around the world. Industry company’s and traders can sign up for the event online, but will need to be quick with only limited space numbers available.
Commenting on this announcement, Jason Lawrence, Director at the National Snooker Expo, said: “I have been working on this project for the last six months and have encountered nothing but positive feedback from all regions of the cue-sports industry. With excitement and a show of our ambitious intent we proudly announce and welcome Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips as an official principle partner of the National Snooker Expo 2018.
Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips
Celebrating its 8th year of inception, Black Heart is the main principle partner of the National Snooker Expo  2018 and is pivotal in the status and growth of this project. A world leader in the manufacturing of leather billiard tips, BHT has recently launched the #1 (MARK-ONE) and the OxBridge billiards tip both sized at 9mm-11mm designed for the games Snooker and Black Ball. The original outlined objective of Black Heart is to focus on ‘The Billiard Player’, his / her equipment, anatomy and the physical attributes that make the player become better. As a principle Partner, the main event will be called The Black Heart Snooker Classic Open.
The National Snooker Expo will announce further official sponsors and news, including tournaments information and activities that will be taking place throughout the events weekend. The National Snooker Expo
will continue to pursue other channels in order to create further platforms as we seek additional company’s to work with us. This is a long-term project and this is just the beginning."
Existing Platform opportunities includes Principe Partner(s), Official Sponsor(s), Media Partners and Official Affiliates. All enquires should be forwarded to:
Email enquiries: