The UK’s Snooker fraternity prepare to participate in the first ever Snooker Expo for Prostate Cancer UK

Founder and Jamaica’s No.1 Pool Player Jason Lawrence, 46 from Bolton, is organising the National Snooker Expo 2018 to help raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. The new project aims to bring both cue-sport players and the billiard industry together under one roof, offering tournaments and trading platforms. 
Professional Pool Player Jason is hoping to raise a substantial amount by inviting snooker players, ranging from juniors and female cue sport enthusiasts, through to seasoned professionals, to test their skills against their peers. The event will take place at Hazel Grove Snooker Club, Stockport on 26-27th May 2018, to help save men’s lives. 
Mr. Lawrence was inspired to organise the event for Prostate Cancer UK after watching a short documentary on Sky Sports’ popular TV programme, Soccer Saturday. 
“I decided to organise this event for Prostate Cancer UK because I was receiving so much positive feedback from both snooker players and the cue-sport industry. Through this event, I hope to educate more men about prostate cancer and encourage them to be less afraid of it and talk more about it. 
“I am really looking forward to the event and I’m delighted to be raising awareness and much needed money to help beat prostate cancer.”
James Beeby, Director of Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, said: “It’s fantastic to see that Jason has organised the National Snooker Expo to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK. It is an incredible effort, one that will help us make prostate cancer a disease that the next generation of men do not fear.
“Currently one man every 45 minutes dies from prostate cancer in the UK. That’s more than 11,000 men a year and by 2030, prostate cancer is set to become the most commonly diagnosed cancer of all in the UK. So whatever you do together, big or small, you’ll be helping us push for real change, from more effective testing to better treatments.”
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