The Plague From The Hague Resigns

Alex Lely

Due to the recent problems with the International Pool Tour, including cancelled and postponed tournaments, problems with paying winning checks from the Reno-event, and with many unanswered questions regarding the future of the IPT; dutch Alex Lely has chosen to give up professional pool. Just one year after his most successful year as a professional poolplayer, Lely has withdrawn from the dutch team and will no longer compete professionally. He will now consider pool no more than a hobby.

In 2005, Lely was crowned champion in both the 8-ball and 9-ball European Championship, after one of the most exciting 9-ball finals in the history of the EC. A double-hill thriller against german Ralf Souquet, topped with some safeties in the last rack made Alex the winner. Runner-up Ralf Souquet later wrote that "This was probably the most bitter defeat in my 31 year billiards career and I will have nightmares about it."

This last rack can be seen on Alex's homepage.

During 2005 he also won a bronze medal in the European 14-1 Championship and in the Teams Division, as well as winning the Italian Eurotour Open.

He wanted to resign after the successful year of 2005 to get more time with his family, but because of the IPT he chose to continue. Lely started to play pool at the age of 15, but committed himself for full to the sport when he no longer could play rugby because of injuries. He has been known as a true gentleman and ambassador for our sport. We all hope that he will return in the international arenas in the future as a professional once again!