The Challenge System

The 24>7G Challenge system is an amazing new online pool tournament management program and innovative competition system for all players, promoters and venues. is offering over 20 powerful and innovative features that are a breakthrough for the pool industry: Players that want to play and businesses that want to grow (Venues, Tournament Directors and Promoters) should contact is now part of the 24>7G Challenge Event Promotions Team. They will be providing Free Prizes and discounts (use the code propool for 5% off your next purchase) for upcoming tournaments. The first series is the FREE 8-Ball Challenge. To start the program in your area Players or Venues must request an event to be posted at the Event Center marquee. Then, players can start playing and earning points, accumulating stats and getting instantly ranked on the Leader Boards.
Purpose - For people to be able to play pool whenever they want in their skill level. The mission possible is to o fortify the social players and create friendly competition with others and yourself.

Vision - To be able to play in tournaments Fair, G rated playing, grouped in your level, faster, more fun tournaments and options for playing.

Accomplishments - created a massive statistics database, a whole new competition format and a video production process that promotes the events and advertises itself.

Reliability - Every dollar that is up for grabs is displayed to the right of the screen. Click on that to show the payouts and prizes.

Motivated Leadership - I am committed to constantly improving and listening to the players and creating new programs events for what they want.


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Why Pool? Pool is one of the last sports to be left behind by modern technology and it needs an energy drink.

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1)      EVENT CENTER MARQUE: This is where we can have thousands of active tournaments worldwide, where everyone goes, that are independent/owned/special groups/etc. etc.  This is the huge business franchise key. These events can be LINKed together to be master & slave progressing into huge regional and international systems. Adding a search field in soon.

2)      The LEADER BOARDS: Are the active events that can be designed into unlimited promotional themes>

3)      The EScore Cards: allow any 2 players to enter their match scores empowering players to play anytime anywhere and makes this possible, without the need of (bottlenecks) tournament directors or brackets.

4)      The Video Production System enables us to broadcast anything we want in the most sophisticated modern methods we want, literally over night.
Ron Hoffman
Virtual Tournament Director & Founder
HF Enterprises, Inc.,
PH: 602-471-7711