The ‘Rocket’ wins the 3rd Annual Andy Grubbs Memorial 9 Ball

Rodney Morris

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's event. We had another great turnout. This was the second largest tournament we have had, 92 players! Rodney 'The Rocket' Morris went undefeated through a talent-packed field. We had an All-Star final as the 'Rocket' defeated John Schmidt to capture the $1700 top prize. Congratulations to all of you who placed in the money.

Complete Results:
1st - Rodney Morris - $1700
2nd - John Schmidt - $1000
3rd - Rick Howard - $600
4th - Josh Hillard - $440
5th - 6th David Broxson, David Tickle $290
7th - 8th Brett Wiebold, Chris Niquet $200
9th - 12th David Patterson, David Grossman, Scotty Townsend, Mike Surber $135
13th - 16th Howie Gordon, Stoney Stone, Penny Flammia, T.F Whittington $90
17th - 24th Kevin Duffy, Glen Kelly, Luther Blades, Roger Mills, Wayne Thompson, Nolan Chrisson, Brandon Shirah, J.R Rossman $60

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe