“The Tarantula” falls off the “Cliff” at the Bama Barn 9 Ball

It was another exciting event hosted at the Bama Barn in Theodore, AL. The Gulf Coast's best were there to take a jab at the $1800 purse. Local favorites such as Cliff Joyner, Wayne Collins, Pablo Matheu, Denny Fox, Brimcat, Josh Kirby, to name a few, gave spectators thrilling exhibitions of fine play and awesome runouts. As usual, Doug James, owner, made certain the service and food were superb. Wayne Robinson did a fine job running the 9 ball tournament.

Wayne Collins defeated Denny Fox in a nail-biting double-hill bout semifinals of the winner's side, and Cliff Joyner bested Sean Anderson to setup the hot seat match with Wayne. Ciliff Joyner and Wayne Collins battled the hot-seat match, but Cliff came out on top. Although Pablo Matheu lost his first match, double hill, to Wayne Elliott, "The Tarantula" would take no prisoners until reaching the finals, beating Brimcat 7-0, Denny Fox 7-6, Josh Kirby 7-1, Wayne Collins 7-2 and setup an exciting final match.

This final match with Cliff was no different than his previous encounters. The Tarantula trailed the whole match, trying to seize every opportunity given by Joyner. And when the score was 8-6, Matheu had a chance to reach 7 and possibly break for a double-hill attempt, but he got out of line on the 8 ball and banked it cross-side, only to watch his cue ball do the same thing and hand the title over to Cliff for the win!

1st Cliff Joyner $755
2nd Pablo Matheu $460
3rd Wayne Collins $285
4th Josh Kirby $175
5th Denny Fox $50
5th Sean Anderson $50