The Viking Cue “LADIES” 9-Ball Tour

The Viking 9-Ball Tour, the largest and longest-running open regional tour in the U.S., with over $90,000 in added prize money each year, announced today the creation of yet another 9-ball tour bearing the Viking Cues brand name as the title sponsor.

The new tour is dubbed the Viking Cue "Ladies" 9-Ball Tour. The new tour will consist of up to sixteen increments of $500-added 9-ball tournaments that will be sanctioned by the Womens Professional Billiard Association (WPBA). At select events the winner will receive a paid entry fee into WPBA Classic Tour event. Additionally, the overall points leader for the season will receive an invitation to participate in all of the following years WPBA events. Up to an additional five point leaders from the Viking Cue Ladies 9-Ball Tour (based upon regional participation) will be invited to play in the WPBA's annual Regional Tour Championship event, where the winner of that event will receive paid entry fees into all of the following years WPBA events.

The new Viking Cue Ladies 9-Ball Tour will only have events in Georgia and surrounding states. Billiard rooms interested in hosting one of the sixteen Viking Cue Ladies 9-Ball Tour events are encouraged to immediately contact Mike Janis at 1-800-200-POOL to schedule an event date.

As with all of the Viking Cue Open, Amateur, and now Ladies 9-Ball Tour events, the host billiard rooms will receive a full 150% product sponsorship when they schedule an event date.

Players interested in participating in the events should contact Mike Janis by email at for additional information.