The Viper performing at DNC events

Melissa Little

WPBA touring professional Melissa “The Viper” Little was hot all week long performing pool exhibitions for parties related to the Democratic National Convention.

Melissa's longtime sponsors The Wynkoop Brewing Company located in downtown Denver held the hottest tickets in town for hosting these historic Democratic parties.

Monday night's event featured Mayor John Hickenloopers “Welcome to Colorado” hosted by The American Wind Energy's Association and Wind Energy Industry. The night was packed with sparks as “The Flobots” entertained the guests with their awesome music.

Tuesday night's party was hosted for the New Dems, and Wednesday night's party was hosted for the Democratic Governors Association. The Viper entertained the guests with “challenge the pro” matches and the First lady of Kentucky became a huge fan and was first in line to purchase a viper t-shirt.

Melissa Little is the house pro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company and for more information please visit them at or