Thursday at the Derby

Sleep is a rare commodity at Derby City. Events such as the Fatboy Challenge do not even begin each day until midnight. Every morning as I make my way down to breakfast I see players stumbling back to their rooms to grab a 20-minute nap before the morning rounds begin. The endurance contest is beginning to wear on many with baggy eyes and fouled moods.

But when they get to the tables the old instincts kick in and they shoot the balls reliably. The Fatboy Chalenge will enter the third round today and is down to only four players. Here is the history of the event so far:

Round One:
Dechaine def. See 15-14
Bustamante def. Van Boening 15-9
Morra def. Corteza 15-12
Shuff def. Orcullo 15-11
Moore def. Souquet 15-14
Kiamco def. Archer 15-11
Morris def. Appleton 15-3
Pagualayn def. Immonen 15-7

Which brought us to the second round where:
Bustamante def. Dechaine 15-10
Morra and Shuff still to be played
Moore def. Kiamco 15-12
Pagulayan def. Morris 15-9

So the third round will be:
Bustamante V winner between Shuff and Morra.
Moore V Pagulayan

Meanwhile, the One Pocket continues and the 9-Ball has begun. There are only six players left alive in One Pocket. Efren Reyes is playing Joey Gray (the only player left with a buyback option) and Shane Van Boening is playing Brandon Shuff. This match has huge implications as Van Boening took second in the Banks Division and Shuff took third there. So if Shuff can do better in the One Pocket than Van Boening then he can take the lead in the all-around. Finally, John Brumback is playing Darren Appleton.

286 players are contesting the 9-Ball. We will keep you posted on the results as the field gets reduced to a manageable size. You can see all results at: