Tiger Designs New Tip Scuffer and Shaper

AZB got some good news from our friends at Tiger Products. They have just announced:

“After many years of research we decided to make our own tip shaper and scuffer. Being a cue tip manufacturer we wanted to make sure all cue tips get the best possible maintenance. We wanted a simple yet practical, durable, but great looking tool. Answer: Le Manifik Tip Shaper & Scuffer. Made from an Anodized Aluminum body, Le Manifik shaper and scuffer is lightweight, yet extremely durable. You get your choice of dime or nickel shapers and for scuffing options; fine or coarse. Laser cut plates will last forever and will never need to be replaced. It is assembled in such a way that the plates never come loose or break off. It's made by Tiger, it's made to last, & it's made in USA.”

Check it out at: http://www.tigerproducts.com/