Tiger Products to Top $100,000*

In 2005, with the recent additions of the "Arizona State All Around Championships" and "The Ladies Spirit Tour", Tiger Products, the Burbank, Ca USA based Billiards Equipment Manufacturer, will top $100, 000* in cash and prize donations given to support Professional and Regional Amateur Billiards Tours & Tournaments and Pro Billiards Players.

Tiger's Sales & Marketing Manager, Corey Harper had this to say, "We at Tiger are proud to benefit the players, tours and tournaments whose feedback has helped us to further improve our Laminated Cue Tips, Shafts, and accessories line making them some of the best billiards equipment in the world!"

Tony Kalamdaryan (Tiger Products Owner) says, "We appreciate all the players and fans alike out there that have supported us in the industry we love. We are very happy to give back to them!"

Ceci Strain, Director of the Tiger Planet Pro Tour, says, "Tiger Products has been remarkably easy to work with as a sponsor. Their interest in the future of the sport shows through their contributions to the tour. We couldn't be more pleased to have them working with us as title sponsor for the tour".

With the rave reviews and success of these sponsorships efforts, Tiger Products has a proposed budget of over $150, 000 slated for the 2006 calendar year!!!

Here is just a short list of those players and events Tiger Products has supported in the year 2005:

Players: Shawn Putnam, Jamie Baraks, Troy Frank
Mike Davis, Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant, Robb Saez
Evan Broxmeyer, Tony Crosby, Efren Reyes
Rodolpho Luat, Danny Harriman, Lorry DeLeon
Max Eberle, George "Ginky" SanSouci, Stefano Pelinga
Jamison Neu, Mike Massey, Corey Deuel
Megan Minerich, Melissa Herndon, Tang Hoa
James Adame, Melissa Morris, Ernesto Dominguez
Corey Harper, Tommy Kennedy, Mazin Shooni
Ismael "Morro" Paez, Oscar Dominguez, Kim Davenport
Ikumi Ushiroda, Karen Corr, Jeff Abernathy
Chris Szuter, Brandon Ashcraft, Nick Nicolidis
Michael Tosado, Jose Parica, David Hemmah
Pam Treadway, Louis Ulrich, Jose Rivas
Steve Lillis, Okinawa Slim, Fred Schirfano
Mark Tadd, Rodney Morris, Josh Brothers
Kelly Fisher, Val Finney, Nick Varner
Billy Palmer, Tiffany Nelson, Kim Smith

Tours & Tournaments: Tiger Planet Pool Tour, Tiger Canadian Women's Tour
Florida Pro Tour, Tri-State Tour
Ladies Spirit Tour, Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour
UPA Pro Tour, New England A-B Series
Joss Northeast Tour, Bank Shooters
AZBilliards.com Katrina Relief, AZ State All Around Championships
J.Pechauer West Coast Tour, J.Pechauer South East Tour
East Coast Pro-Am 9 Ball Tour (Blaze), Memphis Classic III
Patriot Cup c/o Kings Bay, Kings Bay Promotions

*Projected by year end 2005.

Established in Canoga Park, Ca 1988, Tiger Products is the leading US Manufacturer of specialty laminated billiards equipment and accessories. Tiger brand Laminated Cue Tips including; "Sniper", "Everest", "Tiger Jump/Break" and "Tiger" (Soft, Med & Hard) are known throughout the world as the very best! Look for their upcoming Cue Line in 2006! For more information on their fine products, visit their website at http://www.tigerproducts.com.