Toastie Takes 14.1 Title

Thorsten Hohmann has won the Dragon Promotions 14.1 World Tournament by defeating Mike Davis 200-123 in 11 innings to take the title and the $20,000 top prize. Mike Davis receives $10,000 for his second-place efforts.

The final match began close, tied once at 23 points each. But then Hohmann began to catch a gear that left Davis well behind as Hohmann ran 102 balls in the 4th inning to lead 125-24. That would be the high run of the match and Hohmann finally had to only run 2 and out in the 11th inning to take the win.

Charlie WIlliams and Alex Pagulayan tied for third as Pagulayan came up short against Hohmann after leading 80-0 early in the match only to have Hohmann come from behind and take the match. Pagulayan actually led 142-11 before Hohmann ran 141 and led the match 154-153. IN what many fans said was the best match of the week Hohmann wound up winning 200-172 (according to reports on the forums).

Mike Davis had a nice 186-91 lead on Williams when a clock violation cost him the table. Williams then ran 75 before he missed and Davis was able to clean up and win the match 200-166 to earn his berth in the finals.

The 2011 World Tournament was proudly co-sponsored by Predator Cues, Olhausen Tables, Amsterdam Billiards, Andy Cloth, Aramith Balls, Kamui, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Sandcastle Billiards and straight pool aficionados Bill Austin of UT, Dr.Louis Pannullo, Ralph Rubin of MD.  Co-contributors Dennis Walsh, Dr.James Heller, Charles Eames, Mark Snodgrass, and Bill Marapolous.