Tot Secures Finals Berth

Sandor Tot (SRB) Foto: LB

Appleton is second man to reach the final tonight

Tuesday, 04 October 2011: In an intensive battle, Sandor Tot (SRB) came out on top over Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) with 9:5.

The match could be called “The missed chances of Konstantin Stepanov”. The Russian had taken an early 4:1 lead and played much more consistently than Tot. But in the 6th rack his troubles started. Stepanov was on his way to the 5:1 when he miscued on the 5-ball and gave ball-in-hand to Tot who ran out. After that, the whole match changed. Stepanov continued to make avoidable mistakes while Tot grew stronger and stronger. In the 10th rack, the score was still 5:4 in favour of Stepanov, when the Russian pocketed the 7-ball and the cue ball jumped off the table since he played the shot too hard. Tot got again ball in hand and tied the match at 5:5. In the next four racks, Stepanov missed two easy shots and scratched once. That was simply too much for him to survive this semi-final against Tot who won the match with 9:5 in the end.

In the other semi-final, Darren Appleton (GBR) took fellow countryman Mark Gray (GBR) down 9:7. Appleton was trailing in the beginning of the match. Gray had the better start and took a comfortable 6:2 lead over his opponent. But Appleton never gives up. He fought back and come up with an incredible winning streak. Out of the following eight racks, Gray won one while Appleton took all the other ones, winning the match with 9:7.

The final match between Sandor Tot and Darren Appleton will be played tonight at 18:30 local time.

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