Its Appleton on Top at Beassy

Darren Appleton, Winner of the Beassy 9-Ball World Class Open Foto: LB

Darren Appleton wins the first Beassy™ 9-Ball World Class Open

Tuesday, 04 October 2011: In a match that was packed with excitement and thrill, Darren Appleton (GBR) defeated Sandor Tot (SRB) with 9:6. Appleton wrote history today. He is the first winner ever of a Beassy™ event.

The match was equal until both players had three points in their account. “At that time, I was a bit disappointed since I thought I'd given some racks to Sandor because he had made mistakes and I didn't punish him for it”, said Appleton. From then on, Appleton took the lead and never gave it back again. The best Tot was able to do was closing in to a score of 5:7 in favour of Appleton. Tot just played too aggressive and went for shots where he should have gone for the safety option. In the 15th rack when the score was 8:6 in favour of Appleton, Tot scratched and Appleton had a 2-9 combination shot lined up. “I just struggled a little bit to get over the line”, was Appleton's comment when asked about this combination shot since he missed it. “It was not an easy shot but it was hard to get position from the 3-ball to the 4-ball”. Later on in that rack, Appleton got a good roll by hiding the cue ball behind the 7-ball when he attempted a safety shot. “That won me the match”, analysed Appleton afterwards. “It is important for me to win this title. It gives me good confidence for the US Open that will come up in two weeks' time and I am the defending Champion there”.

“I really enjoyed the event. It is a great honour to win such a big tournament, especially with this field,” stated Appleton after the match. In addition to the prize money and the trophy, Appleton received a beautiful Beassy™ cue from Yacht series, called “Yacht Wave” with a diamond in the butt. “That really is a beautiful cue stick and I loved it from the moment I saw it”, said Appleton.

The owner of Beassy™, Beatrix Dobossy informed us, “We have launched our website last Sunday and we have so many inquiries already. It is by far more than we expected”. “We get orders from all over the World, including the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates. People are really delighted with the design of our cues.” “We already created so much interest, it takes up to eight weeks for us to send out a cue stick if you order one today. This is by far more and better than we ever expected”, stated Dobossy and smiled.

Top 8 finishers Beassy™ 9-Ball World Class Open

1. Darren Appleton GBR 5.000,- €
2. Sandor Tot SRB 2.500,- €
3. Konstantin Stepanov RUS 1.500,- €
Mark Gray GBR 1.500,- €
5. Serge Das BEL 1.000,- €
Andreas Roschkowsky GER 1.000,- €
Nikos Ekonomopoulos GRE 1.000,- €
Denis Grabe EST 1.000,- €

The Beassy™ events are hosted by Beassy™ Ltd. and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the event website or contact our press office.