Beassy World Class Open Down to 16 Players

Nick Malai (ALB) Foto: BD

Ortmann ousted by unheralded Malai

Monday, 03 October 2011: Nick Malai (ALB) ousted Oliver Ortmann (GER) from the Beassy™ 9-ball World Class Open in Eger, Hungary, with 9:5.

It was a start to finish victory for Malai. He was always in the lead over the former World Champion from Germany. When the scoreboard showed 6:4 in favour of Malai, Ortmann seemed to be able to come closer but then ran out of position for the 8-ball. He hid the cue ball behind the 9-ball. He then had to hit the 8-ball as a kick shot which he did but he left two open balls for Malai. The Albanian took the chance and made the score 7:4 in his favour. The next rack, Ortmann had the break shot. He jumped the cue ball off the table and Malai got in with ball-in-hand. Instead of getting on the hill, Malai missed the 9-ball and gave a second life to Ortmann. The score was then 7:5 in favour of Malai. The 13th rack started out with tactical play. Safeties were exchanged and unexpectedly, Ortmann played a very bad safety shot. Malai took that gift and went on the hill, leading 8:5. The next rack, Ortmann ran all balls and got a bad position for the 9-ball. He missed the 9-ball and left a tough shot for Malai. Both players had another shot on the 9-ball and always left a tough position for the opponent. It was Malai who had the better end here, winning the rack and the match with 9:5.

Other notable results include Darren Appleton (GBR) winning 9:8 over Bruno Muratore (ITA). Denis Grabe (EST) eliminated Sascha Tege (GER) with 9:7. Chris Melling (GBR) ended Stephan Cohen's (FRA) hopes, creaming him 9:6.

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