Trio of Fisher, Fisher and Ouschan Saves the Day – West Closes Gap 2-4 to Team Asia

Manila, Philippines - Team West redeemed itself in the final match of the day of the Queens Cup. They had gone on a three match losing streak including losing eight games in a row to Team Asia. It took the European trio of Kelly Fisher, Allison Fisher and Jasmin Ouschan to stop the bleeding.
Thus far the only match won by Team West was by Jasmin and Allison. This pair was brought back along with Captain Kelly Fisher. They faced Amit, Chen, and Tsai with Captain GYK opting to keep herself out of this match. The duo of Ouschan and Duchess of Doom seemed to be the lucky charm the West needed as they won the very first game. Asia came back in the next game to level at 1-1. Then it was the West. Then Asia. It seemed it would be going to the wire until a miss by new World 10-Ball  champion Amit gave West the breathing room they needed with a couple of fancy tough shots by Kelly Fisher to win 4-2.
The West ended the day with a two match deficit instead of four. Final Score for day 1 of the Queens Cup: Asia 4  West 2.
"That was a huge match for us. We could be going into tomorrow with bigger problems. But we played well and we will be having dinner together tonight to discuss tomorrow's strategy ", said Kelly Fisher.
In the late evening, both Captains submitted their new lineup for today. Interestingly, the Captains pick will see a re-match with Chen and K.Fisher.
Day two Lineup submitted by the Captains of Asia and West are as follows:
Starting 2pm LIVE roll on roll off schedule    Races to 4
Day 2 
Singles - Allison Fisher vs Rubilen Amit
Singles - Jasmin Ouschan  vs Pei Chen Tsai
3-on-3 -   Ga Young Kim/ Siming Chen/ Pei Chen Tsai vs Allison Fisher/KellyFisher/Vivian Villarreal
Doubles -  Allison Fisher/Jasmin Ouschan vs Rubilen Amit / Pei Chen Tsai
4 on 4 - All players
Singles Captains Pick -   Kelly Fisher vs Siming Chen 

The Queens Cup is being played on MIN Table of Korea with Andy Cloth as the Official Cloth being used during all televised matches. Official Team Clothing is provided by Focused Apparel.  OB Cues is the Official Cue of the Queens Cup which is co-sponsored by Miracle Slots. The Queens Cup is produced by Dragon Promotions and filmed by ABS-CBN Sports and is being aired live in over a dozen countries in five continents. The Queens Cup is also being aired internationally for free on