Turning Stone Classic Day Two

Johnny Archer came back from 5-0 down on Friday.

Day two at the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour's Turning Stone Classic XXIV started with both of day one's big upset victims starting on their long paths to hopeful tournament glory.


Appleton's thoughts about forfeiting because of a pinched nerve in his neck were forgotten and he, as well as Mike Dechaine, won both of their day two matches. Appleton scoring wins over Dale Kimmett and John Babravich, while Dechaine eliminated Tony Antone and Jason Michas. Other surprisingly early residents of the one loss side, Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez, also won their day two matches and remained in the hunt on day three.


Joining these players on the one loss side were such notables as Johnny Archer, Karen Corr, John Morra, Hunter Lombardo, Shane McMinn, Danny Hewitt and Matt Krah. Archer's 9-5 loss on the winner's side was at the hands of Shaun Wilkie, and it looked like Archer would be booking an early flight home late on Friday night as he trailed Paul Rozonewski 5-0. Archer did what he has done his entire career though, and shook off the scoreline to grind his way back into the match. He won eight straight games and won the match 9-6. 


Day two was not kind for Mosconi Cup hopefuls as Jeremy Sossei, Scott Frost and Skylar Woodward all dropped winners side matches. Frost clawed back from a 3-0 deficit to tie the score with Jayson Shaw, but was unable to stop Shaw as he won the next six games for the 9-3 win. Woodward lost a heartbreaking 9-8 decision to Canadian Sylvain Grenier, and Sossei lost 9-5 to Canadian Martin Daigle. Mosconi Cup frontrunners Shane Van Boening and Corey Deuel remained unbeaten on day two.


Day three will be tough for everyone, but especially the players who are on the left side of the board. They will be faced with match after match, and very little time to regroup in between these battles. 


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