Turning Stone Classic X Day One Winding Down

Dennis Hatch scored a 9-7 win over John Morra

Day one of the Turning Stone Classic X in Verona, New York, is coming to an end and with the caliber of play in house this week, those in attendance have been kept on the edge of their seats already with a few marquee sets. Some of the tight races for the day out of the total field of 128 players included match-ups between Robb Saez and Rodolfo Luat; Dennis Hatch and John Morra; and WPBA star Kelly Fisher and Tom McGonagle.

Saez and Luat maintained a tight race throughout, but in rack seventeen with a hill-hill score, Luat jarred an eight ball and allowed Saez to finish out the set on top. In yet another fantastic match-up of the day, Morra held close to Hatch, but was unable to grab the victory losing by a short margin 9-7.

WPBA presence Kelly Fisher and Tom McGonagle had a battle to the end. Fisher forced McGonagle to the hill and after a good safe on the two ball by McGonagle in the final rack, she saw her opportunity to advance through the winners side of the brackets fall. Fisher missed a kick shot at the two ball and McGonagle took full advantage running out the remainder of the rack.

AZBilliards.com will continue to keep you updated throughout the remainder of the event with both brackets and tidbits.

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