Turning Stone Day Two Complete

Sarah Rousey

Day two is complete at the Turning Stone Classic XII and the board has it's fair share of surprises.

The right side of the board contains the usual suspects that you would expect like Daryl Peach, Thorsten Hohmann, Darren Appleton, Mika Immonen, Mike Davis, Shane Van Boening, Dennis Hatch, Oscar Dominguez, Louis Ulrich and Ralf Souquet. Those names are joined by a handful of surprises including Sarah Rousey, Ivaylo Petrov, Mario Morra, Pete Tascarella Sr. and Mike Badsteubner.

Surprising early eliminations include Tony Robles and Tony Crosby. Robles lost to Johnny Archer and Victor Conte, while Crosby dropped matches to Allison Fisher and Stevie Moore.

The one loss side is a true minefield with top players waiting at every turn. Top players fighting it out on the one loss side include Fisher, Corey Deuel, Charlie Bryant, Charlie Williams, Archer and Karen Corr.

We have complete online brackets from the event as well as streaming video courtesy of Simonis Cloth.