Turning Stone Matches Toughen Up

Cleiton Rocha

Day Two at Turning Stone XXIII was mostly an elimination round as players on the one-loss side fought to stay alive. Those who will be joining the fray today include Joey Dupuis who will be tested early as he faces Martin Daigle.  Jerome Rockwell will face Jason Michas, and Thorsten Hohmann will go up against Dave Mills. Hohmann was deposited on the long road by Jayson Shaw 9-5.

Mike Dechaine and Stevie Moore made it through their long second days and are now joined on the left by Corey Duel who lost yesterday to a sharp-shooting Cleiton Rocha 9-7. Rocha had already taken down Holden Chin and Mike Andrews and today goes into battle with Brandon Shuff.

Other Winners-Side rounds that offer a lot of promise include Rob Saez against Mika Immonen,  Rodney Morris V Bucky Souvanthong, John Morra V Karen Corr, Jayson Shaw V Shaun Wilkie, and Johnny Archer against Jerry Crowe.

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