Two Stooges Brekke and Burbul Dominate in Golf and Pool

Brian Brekke and Josh Burbul

On Saturday, June 27th, Two Stooges Billiards in Fridley, Minnesota hosted a $300-added summer two-person Golf & Pool Open. This event hopes to be the first of many annual Golf & Pool Tournaments to come. This unique event kicked off at the Majestic Oaks Golf Course in Ham Lake with a 1:30pm shotgun start.

As the clouds loomed, the 14 teams paired off and hopped in their carts to their respective holes for the two-man scramble. The format of a two player scramble allowed both players to hit their tee ball and then play their second shot from the better of the two tee shots.  This option of playing from the best ball position continues until the hole is completed.

“Once you're finished golfing, we'll meet over at Two Stooges for the pool tournament,” announced tournament director Randy Byrne. After 18 holes, the team of Chad Johnson and Brad Ronayne captured the golf title with a score of 4 under par. Neither wind nor showers slowed them down. As a bit of a wildcard, Johnson had only contacted Ronayne that morning to play together. Fortunately for both of them, it worked out.

After the golfers reconvened at Two Stooges, some prizes were raffled off and the pool tournament was underway. The team of Brian Brekke and Josh Burbul had no problems transitioning from one green field to the other. The master players barreled through the field to claim the title for the pool tournament which also secured them the lead for the overall Golf/Pool Champs.

The total prize fund was distributed 30% to each of the top finishers in pool and golf and 40% to the overall winning teams. "It was a great event. The competition was tough and fun. It was very windy and the course was playing long. The format is fantastic because we found ourselves playing pool matches against teams that had placed higher in the golf, so it gave us a chance for the overall title,” said Burbul of the winning team.

Side pots and skins were also paid out for the golf event. Due to the overwhelming interest, a second event may be held this year in September. Visit for the complete photo gallery and updates on the next tournament.

1st Chad Johnson/Brad Ronayne $240
2nd Matt Lindquist/Hoban Miller $168
3rd Randy Byrne/Jeff Klein $72

1st Brian Brekke/Josh Burbul $240
2nd Ty Wilson/Johnny Meyer $168
3rd Tom Lundgren/Doug Flatten $72

1st Brian Brekke/Josh Burbul $256
2nd Chad Johnson/Brad Ronayne $125
2nd Randy Byrne/Jeff Klein $125
2nd Tom Lundgren/Doug Flatten $125