U.S. Open 2012 Update

We both feel very confident that you all are going to absolutely love the new venue for the U.S. Open. The three tournament rooms will be within 25-50 feet from one another. We will be going back to the old school way, everyone will get zoned in watching three tables in one room, eight in another, and five in the T.V. room.
You will love being able to enjoy the intimate setting, rather than having one very large ballroom. Everyone will be able to float from room to room anytime to watch their favorite players and matches.

The T.V. arena setup is going to be better than ever with seats on three sides, six rows high, and a view of the other four tables in that room. We are getting the floor plan perfect for you. The Behrmans try very hard, year after year, to make everything better and 2013 will be even better as we work out some kinks from this year's event.

We pay attention to every detail and that is how we have survived in the billiard business for over 40 years. Many new and older billiards rooms in America are folding, while we build ours more and more daily. The past 3-4 years have increased from the years before and that is truly a blessing.

The success of the U.S. Open continues to grow more as well. We listen to our players and especially our fans, who over the years have become “pool groupies”. This always puts a smile on our faces.
To our VIP ticket holders, we thank you all for your patience as we get the best possible floor plan for you. Seats can be purchased starting on May 1 and we cannot wait for you to see what we are working on! We hope you and your families had a very good Easter/Passover holiday and are doing well. We can hardly wait until October!