U.S. Open 9-Ball to Escrow All Monies, Announces Floorplan

Thank you for your patience while we put the final touches on this years U.S. Open floor plan. We worked for several weeks and have arranged it to exact perfection. I would like to apologize in advance for this long informational press release, but I wanted to explain exactly what we have laid out for everyone.

For the layout for this year we will be using 12 tables instead of 16. These include the 9 tables as shown and 3 tables in another room until Thursday and the we will complete the event in our main ballroom only. The 3 table room will have seats for 100 attendees at NO charge. The layout will include 20 x 100 ft hallway outside of the ballrooms where the venders and concessions are located. Everyone will walk down this hallway past the venders to purchase or pickup tickets from the ticket counter. The entrance into the ballroom is conveniently marked for our 200 VIP ticket holders and another entrance just to the right for our 400 general admission attendees. To see a large view of this year's floorplan please just click here .

Around the Accu-Stats arena we have perfectly constructed platform risers 3 and 4 rows high. We will not be using what we had built last year. Shannon and I are pondering having a bonfire destroying the 130 platforms we used as we will be using Commonwealth Events from Richmond like we had for 12 years at the Conference Center. The first row will be 18 inches high and every other row will be 18 inches above the previous row. 18 inches allows everyone the ability to view the TV table without any view destruction. We know that all 200 VIP ticket holders will be pleased. We even called Rich and Kathy Rhodes for their approval as they would be the first to correct any possible mistakes. They are highly appreciated along with everyone else and we value their opinions very much.

The 8 table sections will be able to seat 400 general admission which will have padded seats and back rests for comfort. We had to use bleacher seating to seat a capacity of 400. All seating will be as comfortable as possible. On both sides of the general admission seats we will install a 10-12 ft video screen from the Accu-Stats TV table and on our final day we will also project into the general admission area with both video and audio. Everyone will feel they are on top of the TV table for the finals.

Our expenses are much lower moving to the Marriott which means placing around $25-30,000.00 of the VIP seat money in escrow 90 days out. We never had that opportunity due to our high expenses, but now we can add that additional money. We are on a mission from God to make up from the debacle of 2012. Last October, after we announced the 3 ½ ballroom set up, not one person had any negative thoughts, but as we all know, seeing is believing. Wow, did we get hit with so many unhappy people and we cannot and will not allow that to happen again.

VIP tickets will go on sale around the middle of June and those who have purchased seats from the previous year will be able to purchase the same seat before it goes on sale to the general public.

VIP ticket pricing is as follows:
all week $200.00
6 days $180.00
5 days $170.00
4 days $160.00
3 days $150.00
General admission will remain at $10 per session.

Shannon will be emailing all of our loyal fans weekly so that everyone is informed and she can answer any and all questions.  She is the best, most beautiful, and smartest woman I know and there is no one else I would ever partner up with. After all, one day she will have both Q Master Billiards and the U.S. Open. Brady, my son, has just moved to Charlottesville as his computer company that he built from the ground up, has flourished. I am very proud of my son and he is a wonderful husband and great father to his two girls, Hailey and Hannah. You are doing great my man and have grown into a fantastic family man. Again, Shannon and I know that we have a lot to make up for and we are ready to put on our best U.S. Open in many years. We went back and forth 100 times with our architect to be 100% sure this year as anything less would not be acceptable.

The code to book a room at the Marriott and at our co-host hotel 100 ft from the Marriott, The Hampton Inn, is USO. Both hotels gave us low rates and we would like to thank them both. The Hampton Inn will have a no charge shuttle bus running to pick anyone up from the airport as well as going to and from Q Master Billiards all week long, just kindly tip the driver. It does not matter which one of the two hotels you choose. To call for a shuttle dial 757-420-1550. It is advised to call with your arrival time prior to take off so that you will not have to wait.

Our loyal venders, there are less than 20 spots this year and those of you who have been with us for years will have first choice of locations marked on the floor plan. A $100.00 deposit is required by August 1, to hold your spot. Pricing will remain at $500.00 for 8 ft and $800.00 for 16 ft. There is a room centrally located if you would like to store your products and we will have the keys to that room.

The players meeting will be at noon on Sunday, October 13, and play will begin that night at 7 pm with matches at 9 pm and 11 pm also. Monday through Friday the match times are as follows:

Day Matches : 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm
Dinner Break
Night Matches: 7 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm

On the day of the finals, Saturday, we will be down to our final 4 players with matches at 1 pm and 3 pm and the finals at 7 pm.

Players, if your entry fees have been paid you do not have to attend the players meeting, but be ready to go if you are scheduled Sunday night. You must email any requests to play on Monday for solid reasons to usopen9ball@yahoo.com. We will be announcing very soon when the players can begin sending in their entry fees of $500.00.

We will be adding a minimum of $50,000.00 and with a full field up to $72,000.00. 90 days prior, August 15, $50,000.00 and all paid entry fees to date will be secured in a special escrow account along with a very well respected and trustworthy leader of the game of pool and we will announce this gentleman very soon. Shannon will be taking over all of our payouts to every player. She handles the finances at Q Master Billiards and everything is on time and this will also be the case this year. I will be doing what I enjoy most, set up and staffing, along with Shannon always helping me as much as possible.

Shannon and I are extremely happy deciding to go back to the early 90's location now in a brand new Marriott hotel. We all want to have a very special and happy time for this years 38th annual U.S. Open. Please come and celebrate with us.

Barry & Shannon