U.S. Open – The New prize Fund Break Down

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our sweetheart players, sponsor and fans, who are the sweetest on earth!

After much more thought we feel that this breakdown is a no brainer to continue to fill the field of 256 players.

1st place $30,000.00
2nd place $15,000.00
3rd place $8,000.00
4th place $6,000.00
5th & 6th place $4,500.00 each
7th & 8th place $3,500.00 each
9th- 12th place $2,500.00 each
13th- 16th place $2,250.00 each
17th- 24th place $2,000.00 each
25th- 32nd place $1,750.00 each
33rd- 48th place $1,500.00 each
49th- 64th place $1,250.00 each
65th-96th place $1000.00 each

$200,000.00 ($72,000 added)
Our new seating layout will be out soon and our VIP customers will have their usual first dibs at purchasing their same seat April 1-7, so be sure to get yours! Prices will remain the same for VIP seats as well as for General Admission. We appreciate your continued support as we know that we could not do it without you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Barry and Shannon