U.S. Pool World Gaining Media Coverage: American Billiard Radio

The sluggish pool and billiard industry in America will be receiving a red, white and blue shot in the arm this Thursday evening with the official launch of American Billiard Radio, a new weekly audio show, available only online, that is designed to both inform and entertain the untold millions of regular cue sports players across our great country. 
The show itself is a collaborative project, featuring several individual talk-show style segments, for a broad range of cultural points of view and news. By structuring the show in this way, "We're striving for a production that is interesting and relevant no matter where you live and no matter what game(s) you play..", said Program Director and show host David Bond. " And, by making the show instantly available practically everywhere, on every device, listeners can take American Billiard Radio with them to places that no other media can go. Ever try to read a website while riding a bike, driving, or playing pool? Audio doesn't require watching it, which makes the radio niche very convenient to utilize in our busy everyday lives."
The current team of contributors to the show includes Mike Howerton from the AZBilliards.com camp, Alison Fischer of NYCGrind.com, Legends and Champions Tour creator and promoter Mark Cantrill, and Chicago Billiard Museum historian David Bond, with various guests each week. New episodes will be available every Thursday evening at 9pm central.
The first official episode will be online this Thursday, December 12th. @ 9pm central. 
This week's show will begin a series of discussions on the State of the Union, as it relates to the pool and billiard industry of America.
To listen and for more information visit: www.americanbilliardradio.com