Ulrich is First at Fury Lake Michigan Opener

Seventeen players made there way to Cue-Phoria in Illinois for the Fury Lake Michigan tour?s first stop on April 16, 2005. By the end of the weekend, it came down to a showdown between two players racing for first.

Josh Ulrich and Jeff Sergeant met in the hot seat and it looked like Ulrich was going to take it home. Ulrich started off with a 4-1 lead but lost it just as quickly when Sergeant steadily pulled things close to trail 6-4. Sergeant left Ulrich sitting on the hill and took the next three games to take the hot seat in a 7-6 turnaround.

Ulrich was unphased and took his game to the B side where he met with Gordy Vandervear. Vandervear had also fallen to Sergeant earlier in the day but recovered nicely to make it to the semis. Ulrich proved the stronger game and took the match 5-3 to secure a rematch with Sergeant in the finals.

Again Ulrich took the early lead at 4-2, but Sergeant trailed closely. Ulrich took it to 6-4 but still had Sergeant threatening to catch up in the race to nine. Ulrich furthered his lead to 8-6 and this time, he didn?t leave room for another comeback from Sergeant. Ulrich made certain to take the final rack and closed out the match 9-6.

Complete Results:
1st Josh Ulrich $380
2nd Jeff Sergeant $225
3rd Gordy Vandervear $150
4th Henry Brodt $85