Universal Cues ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships Again Breaks Records

The Universal Cues 2014 ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships at the Riverside Casino & Resort in Riverside, Iowa, January 16-19, increased by ten teams to over 600 players and 139 men’s and women’s teams over the 2013 edition. The $10,400-added championships – produced by the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) - offered competition in eight primary events and three secondary events:  Men’s and Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles, Men’s and Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles, Men’s and Women’s four-person Advanced (new) and Open 8-Ball Teams, Scotch Doubles 8-Ball and separate handicapped Men’s and Women’s 9-Ball Singles.
The ACS would like to thank the title sponsor of the event – Universal Cues, the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort for its support and outstanding hospitality, and other sponsors Iowa Sports Center apparel, Diveney Custom Cues and Nick Varner Signature Cues and Cases, whose multi-World Champion namesake took on all challengers throughout the event! The event was conducted by Gary & Shelly Benson and John Maestry under the auspices of High Country Promotions, and the players especially enjoyed the online tournament software service that updated all viewers on placement, schedules and upcoming matches – the same tournament software that will be used at the upcoming ACS Nationals at the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas, May 10-16.  Special thanks as well to ACS referees Cecil Messer, Sam Ball, Bryan Shaver and Tom Fankhauser, and to the equipment crew of Mike Peiffer, Jeremy Bush, Billy Hyde and Shane Lee.  Complete results, photos, match scores and flow charts may be viewed at www.americancuesports.org and www.compusport.ca.
Final Results:
Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles
[32 entries x $75 = $2,400 + $500 added = $2,900]
1st           Robert “Whitey” Walker (Burlington, IA)     $900
2nd        Jamey Bowman (E. Moline, IL)                     $600
3rd        Keith Helfrich (Sterling, IL)                           $400
4th           Dwaine Bowman (Geneseo, IL)                     $200
5-6th      Ryan Behnke (Farley, IA)                              $150
            Jim Goldring (Canton, IL)
7-8th     Mike Peiffer (Washington, IA)                       $100
            Erik Otto (Carol Stream, IL)
9-12th   Bruce Ribble (Swisher, IA)                            $75
Danny Garza (Sauk Village, IA)
            Toney Bringman (Fairfield, IA)
            Jerry Behnke (Farley, IA)
Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles
[12 entries x $75 = $900 + $500 added = $1,400]                
1st           Jessica Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA)                   $600
2nd        Kristen Castaldo (Oak Brook, IL)                  $400
3rd        Jodi Peckham (Omaha, NE)                           $250
4th        Amy Latzko (Chicago Ridge, IL)                  $150
Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles
[160 entries x $40 = $6,400 + $500 added = $6,900]
1st        Jeremy Bush (Kalona, IA)                              $1,200     
2nd          Fred Peiffer (Kalona, IA)                               $900
3rd        Gary Ragsdale (Milan, IL)                                      $600
4th        John Hipes (Clarksdale, MO)                         $380
5-6th     Tom Peck (Galesburg, IL)                              $225
            Mark Kozelichki (Kewanee, IL)
7-8th     James Jeffers (Orland Park, IL)                      $175
Patrick Bayer (Ottawa, IL)
9-12th   Sam Ball (Hobart, IN)                                    $125
            Milton Strack (Monticello, IL)
Griffin Glynn (Crown Point, IN)
            Daryl Segatto (Channahon, IL)
13-16th Shawn Benac (Peru, IL)                                 $100
            Roy Peck III (South Holland, IL)
Johnny Kerr (Coal City, IL)
            Eric Naretto (Odell, IL)
17-24th Dave Gossar (Wedron, IL)                             $75
            Dalton Reding (Morris, IL)
            Jerry Peck (Iowa City, IA)
            Michael Creighton (Kewanee, IL)
Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL)
            David Machaj (Portage, IN)
            Bill Kramer (Dubuque, IA)
Kyle Galli (Kewanee, IL)      
25-32nd            Mike Monegato (St. Charles, IL)        $60
            Dmitry Kallestinov (Coralville, IA)
Jim Durkee (Channahon, IL)
            Dennis Shumway (Ottawa, IL)
Clayton Shepard (Portage, IN)
            George Thompson (Decatur, IL)
            Mike Mahoney (Keokuk, IA)
Noe Leal (Chicago Heights, IL)
33-48thJustin Plumb (Moline, IL)                                $40
            Mike Keime (Liverpool, IL)
            Loras Baum (Dyersville, IA)
            Ted Cole (Moline, IL)
Dennis Reding (Seneca, IL)
            Steve Barnes (Iowa City, IA)
            Hector Guajardo (Lake Station, IN)
            Cody O’Neal (Steger, IL)
            Jason Knipfer (Fruitland, IA)
            Wynn Biddle (Lowden, IA)
            Joe Reuther (Fort Madison, IA)
            John Allen (Godley, IL)
            Gilbert Terronez (Moline, IL)
Greg Knight (Marion, IA)
Robert Smith (Oswego, IL)
Darren Cook (Iowa City, IA)
49-64th Mark Glubka (Fairfield, IA)                           $25
            Jon Bair (Muscatine, IA)
David Rogers (St. Joseph, MO)
            Billy Jones (Bartlett, IL)
            Leslie Willis (Tiffin, IA)
            Ernie Lance (Savannah, MO)
            Scott Darlington (Morris, IL)
            Jim Haight (Manchester, IA)
            Shane Lee (Wayland, IA)
            Shawn Siefkas (Des Moines, IA)
            Danny Blackburn (Arlington, IL)
            Jim Ludwig (Galesburg, IL)
            Larry Sneath (Rock Island, IL)
            Nathan Hoyer (Cuba City, WI)
            Clayton Yonker (Iowa City, IA)
            Robert McKown (Peoria, IL)
Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles
[75 entries x $40 = $3,000 + $500 added = $3,500]
1st        Karolina Mazeikaite (Darien, IL)                    $800
2nd        Celine Haight (Manchester, IA)                     $550
3rd        Lori Rexroat (Ottawa, IL)                              $400
4th        Renee Marsh (Eagan, MN)                             $270                                                   
5-6th     Rhoda Fear (Muscatine, IA)                           $150
            Tricia Slade (Iowa City, IA)
7-8th     Donna Whitcomb (Port Byron, IL)                $100
            Paula Kelley (Cedar Rapids, IA)
9-12th   Beverley Clover (Marshalltown, IA)              $75
            Julie Bolsinger (Manchester, IA)
Michele Ricci (Plymouth, MN)
Cheryl Barlow (Fort Madison, IA)
13-16th Maria Lara (Sterling, IL)                                 $50
            Jennifer Cole (Moline, IL)
Dee Strack (Monticello, IL)
Sheree Houseman (Muscatine, IA)
17-25th Susan Bode (Iowa City, IA)                           $35
            Cindy Lahr (Delhi, IA)
            Michelle Read (Godley, IL)
            Miranda Richards (North Liberty, IA)
            Julie Backes (Dubuque, IA)
            Vicki McCoy (Lovington, IL)
            Ellen Stuckey (Dubuque, IA)
            Denise Miller (Princeton, IL)
25-32nd Paulette Dalrymple (Kewanee, IL)                $25
            Michelle Nicholson (Milan, IL)
            Debbie Arens (Loretto, MN)
            Janelle Boeding (Saint Paul, IA)
            Sandy Travis (St. Joseph, MO)
            Patti Beyer (Dubuque, IA)
            Tina Tucker (Delhi, IA)
            Paula Sparks (Des Moines, IA)
Scotch Doubles 8-Ball
[30 entries x $30 = $900 + $250 added = $1,150]
1st        Nancy Beadel/ Russ Schickling (IA)              $400
2nd        Kay Ackmann/Loras Baum (IA)                   $250
3-4th     Teresa Wentz/ Larry Sneath (IL)                    $130
Cathy Harness/ Marty Plumb (IL)
5-8th     Amy Foster/ Michael Foster (IL)                    $60
            Cindy Lahr/ Jim Moroney (IA)
            Sandy Travis/ Pat Powers (MO)
            Lauren Noah/ David Rogers (MO)                            
Men’s 9-Ball Singles
[124 entries x $20 = $2,480 + $200 added = $2,680]
1st        Griffin Glynn (Crown Point, IN)                   $680    
2nd        Greg Knight (Marion, IA)                              $400
3-4th     Adam Behnke (Dubuque, IA)                        $200
Ron Pluym (Dubuque, IA)
5-8th     Danny Garza (Sauk Village, IL)                     $100
            Steven Benegas (Joliet, IL)
Michael Monegato (St. Charles, IL)
            Donald Lawson (Peoria Heights, IL)
9-16th    Bruce Ribble (Swisher, IA)                                    $50
            Scott Darlington (Morris, IL)
            Chad Behnke (Farley, IA)
            Jamie Tipps (Wapello, IA)
            Randy Tenley (Galesburg, IL)
Will Chapin (Des Moines, IA)
            Tony Morales (Sterling, IL)
            Jerry Szabo (Streamwood, IL)
17-32nd            Dustin Krueger (Muscatine, IA)         $25
            Brad Ceci (New Lenox, IL)
            Robert Johnson (Lockport, IL)
            Frank DeCastecker (Moline, IL)
            Casey Moriarty (Dubuque, IA)
            David Mata (East Chicago, IN)
            Kirk Callahan (Iowa City, IA)
            Tim Craig (Burlington, IA)
            Nick Allendorf (Cedar Rapids, IA)
            Martin Zavala Jr. (Joliet, IL)
Roger Garnsey (Monmouth, IL)
            Jim Ludwig (Galesburg, IL)
            Jamie Martin (Cedar Rapids, IA)
            Dennis Reding (Seneca, IL)
Darryl Ostwinkle (Washington, IA)
Michael Woodson (Omaha, NE)       
Women’s 9-Ball Singles
[26 entries x $20 = $520 + $200 added = $720]
1st        Maria Lara (Sterling, IL)                                 $250    
2nd        Paulette Dalrymple (Kewanee, IL)                 $150
3-4th     Shari Rice (Omaha, NE)                                 $90
            Beverley Clover (Marshalltown, IA)
5-8th     Jessica Rahlf (Muscatine, IA)                        $35
Julie Guzman (Altoona, IA)
Cindy Norman (Des Moines, IA)
            Siri Cain (Lockport, IL)
Men’s Advanced Teams
[15 entries x $200 = $3,000 + $1,000 added = $4,000]
1st        N.S.B.O.A. (IA)                                             $1,500
2nd        Leisure Time (IL)                                            $1,000
3rd        Gravy Train (IA)                                             $700
4th        Band With The Runs (IL)                               $400
5-6th     Sunset Bowl – Super Bad (WI)                      $200
Black Tier (IA)
Women’s Advanced Teams
[8 entries x $200 = $1,600 + $1,000 added = $2,600]
1st        Witches (NE)                                                  $1,200
2nd        Corner Pocket Girls (IA)                                $800
3rd        Sticks N Stones (IA)                                       $400
4th        No Drama (IL)                                                $200
Men’s Open Teams
[76 entries x $80 = $6,080 + $3,000 added = $9,080]
1st        Bullseye 2 (IL)                                                $2,000
2nd        Clayton’s 3 (IL)                                              $1,480
3rd        Sharks (IL)                                                      $1,000
4th        Reuthers Ruthless (IA)                                   $700
5-6th     My 3 Sons (IA)                                               $450
            Tap House (IN)
7-8th     H2O Bar West Props (IL)                               $300
            American Legion - Kewanee (IL)
9-12th   Good Fellas (IL)                                             $200
            Rakt N Redy (IA)
Cue Masters - Houy (IA)
Racks & Rails (IA)
13-16th Hillbilly Golfers (IA)                                      $150
            Dead Beats Too (IA)
Sneaky Petes (IL)
Now Paul Can See (IL)
17-24th Tailgators (IA)                                                $125
            Shape By Mistake (IL)
Dead Beats (IA)
Wooden Nickel (IL)
Stewy’s Boys (IL)
Favorites (IL)
River City Billiards (IL)
911 (IL)
Women’s Open Teams
[39 entries x $80 - $3,120 + $2,000 added = $5,120]
1st        River City Billiards  (IL)                                $1,500
2nd        Bullseye (IL)                                                   $1,000            
3rd        Tweety’s Crew (IA)                                        $620
4th        I’d Hit That (IL)                                             $400
5-6th     Inn-Ka-Hoots (MN)                                        $300
            Main Event (IL)
7-8th     Misfits (IL)                                                     $200
            Chicks On Top (IA)
9-12th    Outta Control (IA)                                          $150
            Diamonds R Wild (IL)
            Get Your Balls Off (IA)
            Hammerheads - Desiree (IA)
Men’s Teams – 2nd Chance
[12 entries x $40 = $480 + $450 added = $930]
1st        Stumble Inn (IL)                                             $400   
2nd        Noonans (IA)                                                  $250
3-4th     Breaking Bad (IL)                                          $140
            Bulldogs (IA)
Women’s Teams – 2nd Chance
[9 entries x $30 = $270 + $300 added = $570]
1st        Chix With Stix (IL)                                        $300   
2nd        Gus’ (IA)                                                        $150
3-4th     Sunset Bowl – Chalk Dirty To Me (WI)        $60
            Dublin G2U (IA)