UPA Announces Pro Shop

PHOENIX, AZ - The United States Professional Pool Players Association (the "UPA") is proud to announce the long overdue opening of the UPA Pro Shop located on the homepage of the website www.upatour.com. At this time, the pro shop merchandise includes such fan favorites as autographed cue balls and touring professional player's photographs; UPA gear such as shirts, hats, patches, and towels; Quick Clean table products; and our most recent item, the UPA official rack (the Delta-13 Ball Rack).

The official gear of the tour will be showcased and available for purchase twenty-four hours a day via the online location and at future tour events, with new products added periodically for all pool enthusiasts. Frank Alvarez, President of the UPA, stated, "going forward, we hope to greatly increase our merchandise selection and we are confident that this goal will be attained with both the support of our industry and fans." For those of you that want to support men's professional pool as a sport and help promote the tour itself, this is a wonderful opportunity to do just that as every purchase will be used in that capacity.

The site will be updated as the year progresses with new and exciting products. If you or your company are interested in supporting men's professional pool via this outlet, the tour continues to be open to any/all that have interest.

If you would like to learn more about the UPA organization, our website is located at www.upatour.com or to contact us directly with questions or to discuss promotion opportunities, please call (480) 353-6747 or email info@upatour.com