UPA Launches Newest Venture – League of Champions

PHOENIX, AZ (June 23, 2009) - The United States Professional Poolplayers Association (the "UPA") has come into the final phases of testing its newest collaboration and the organization is finally ready to launch its amateur league nationwide to be known as the League of Champions.
The handicapped league offers players access to professional pool on many levels using an official U.S. ranking computed by a newly developed cutting edge program called a Systematic Speed Ratio (SSR).  The SSR is utilized to help determine both an individual's speed and rank against their peers nationwide.  To top it off, cash and prizes are added to the package.  Eventually, prizes will include entries into professional events, official products, professional instruction, tickets, and tour stop entries for your entire team, both men and women.
Whether you are a beginner wanting to become skilled at the game or already have a strong background in the billiards community, this is one occasion that you can test your knowledge using a handicapped system that will allow you to compete with the best of the best, from beginners up to professional players.
The professionals behind the league system have completely eliminated any possibility of common challenges (such as "sand bagging") which have become common place in many league settings by offering players and operators alike a technologically advanced program to maintain data on its players.
This specialized league system offers its operators an opportunity to create an entrepreneurial avenue in their backyard, while having a computerized online system that does all of the work for each operator.  At this time, early bird franchise opportunities are available for those interested in turning their passions for the sport into a profitable business model.   
As noted by Wyoming's Franchise Owner, E.J. Glode, "our players completely love it - the SSR provides information that coincides with your actual skill level on the pool table removing any and all guess work by league operators.  In the end, it makes for great competition between our beginner and advanced players."
UPA Touring Professional Rodney Morris has thrown his name into the mix to help jump-start this new venture with a move to the west coast - Phoenix more specifically, for league promotion and further development.
"The idea to develop an amatuer league program was presented by our first president, Charlie Williams.  Almost a year ago, we were approached by several parties requesting to use the UPA brand and its ideas in an amateur league and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  It's very exciting to see the players challenged by our system.  We have worked very hard to develop the system from a professional perspective and we expect great things to come of it." - Rodney Morris, UPA Touring Professional
Already taking a step in the right direction by partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the UPA has made a substantial commitment to the youth by offering a portion of all league membership and player dues to assist the billiard fund to ultimately provide kids with an alternative to taking negative directions in life by providing a fun venue showing nothing but positive support from the community.
"In keeping with the traditions of previous presidents, we believe that our league should benefit the Boys and Girls Club.  It is a direct investment in the future of our sport and most importantly the youth of our community." - Frank Alvarez III, President and Touring Professional
Instroke Cases, Magique Golf, Delta-13, and Inside Pool Magazine all jump behind the launch, while other sponsors are still being determined and will be announced soon.  Interested parties need only contact the UPA.
If you would like to learn more about the UPA organization as a whole or are interested in starting your League of Champions, visit our website at www.upatour.com or to contact us directly with questions, please call (877) 788-7227 or email info@upatour.com
UPA leagues are now active in Arizona, Minnesota, and Wyoming with more in development.  For franchise opportunities, contact (877) 788-7227 (ext. 2) or email playupa@upatour.com