US Open 8-Ball Winding Down

Jayson Shaw

With only two days left to play at the Rio in Las Vegas, the CSI US Open 8-Ball Championship only has a few men left with the hopes of claiming the title.

The winner's bracket finds Jayson Shaw facing Walter Cheng and Warren Kiamco going up against Shane Van Boening. The winners of those two matches will contest the hot seat honors.

The one-loss side has a lot of power left as 10-Ball champ Rodney Morris will battle Oscar Dominguez, Chris Bartram will take on Ko Pin-Yi, Francison Bustamante will face Carlo Biado and Sean Cheng will find Mark Haddad at the ready.

These should all be stellar match-ups and you can watch the best at and follow all of the live scores and brackets here on AZB.