US Open Day Four

Ralf Souquet

Day four is in the books at the US Open 9-Ball Championship and the field has now been trimmed to just 96 players who still have hopes of earning the title this year.

While 96 players are still alive in the event, only 16 players are still undefeated. That number includes three players who have already experienced the winners circle at this event. Five time champion Earl Strickland struggled a bit on Wednesday but still emerged with a hill-hill win over Rafael Martinez to remain unbeaten. Strickland will face Lee Van Cortezza on Thursday. 2002 Champion Ralf Souquet had his hands full on Wednesday with Kuwait's Abdullah Alyousef but in the end Souquet took control of the match and scored an 11-8 win. 1996 Champion Rodney Morris is the final undefeated former Champion in this event. His 11-9 win over Corey Deuel on Wednesday was a tough match all of the way.

Other notables who are still undefeated after four days of play include Stevie Moore, Chris Bartram, Imran Majid, Jose Parica, Karl Boyes, Mike Dechaine and Kim Davenport.

The one loss side at this event is not littered with major roadblocks including Niels Feijen, Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann, Gabe Owen, Daryl Peach, Tommy Kennedy, Johnny Archer, Ronnie Alcano, Roberto Gomez, Corey Deuel, Nick Varner, Darren Appleton, Marlon Manalo and Shane Van Boening.

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