Veterans make statement at US Open Day Three

Earl Strickland

Day three at the US Open 9-Ball Championship is complete and the legends of the game are serving notice that they are just as capable of winning this event as the young guns are. The list of players remaining undefeated after three days includes five time champion Earl Strickland, Kim Davenport, Rodney Morris and Jose Parica. Johnny Archer came one game short of joining these players when he dropped a hill-hill match to Karl Boyes late Tuesday night.

Other tournament favorites remaining undefeated after three days of play include Ralf Souquet, Shane Van Boening, Darren Appleton, Corey Deuel, Jeremy Jones and Marlon Manalo.

Marquee winners side matches on Wednesday will include...

Jose Parica vs Shane Van Boening
Charlie Bryant vs Karl Boyes
Corey Deuel vs Rodney Morris
Roberto Gomez vs Kim Davenport
Rafael Martinez vs Earl Strickland

Wednesday play will also see players eliminated on the one loss side. The one loss side will include such marquee matches as ...

Niels Feijen vs Raj Hundal
Oliver Ortmann vs Thorsten Hohmann
Sparky Ferrell vs Gabe Owen

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