US Open Day One Complete

Brittany Bryant

Day one is in the books at the US Open 9-Ball Championship with no real major upsets so far.

Confusion over availability of players traveling from the Eurotour stop led to problems with the brackets, but Ken Shuman, Jay Helfert and John Leyman resolved those issues quickly and rescheduled matches that required it.

Late matches on the Accu-Stats stream featured Tony Robles making quick work of Ernesto Bayaua in an 11-2 match. Robles will face off against Nick Ekonomopoulos in the second round of play.

The final match on the Accu-Stats stream saw Canada's Brittany Bryant wow the crowd with a comeback attempt against Illinois' Tom Karabatsos. Karabatsos led the match 9-3, when Bryant started her comeback. Bryant rode a 4 pack to claw back within 1 rack at 9-8. A missed 9-ball in the 18th rack was the difference as Karabatsos got to the hill at 10-8. Bryant moved one more bead before Karabatsos finished off the match at 11-9. Karabatsos will face Tim Colvin in the second round, while Bryant will take on young Brad Shearer.

With part of round one complete, we are starting to see upcoming round two matches. Notable matches in round two include Rodney Morris vs Mario He, Hai Tao Liu vs Mark Haddad, Jonathan Pinegar vs Hanni Al Howri and Nick Van den Berg vs Ramon Mistica.

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