US Open Player Entry Special

As I have done on occasion in the past saving players $100.00 on their $500.00 entry fee, I’m determined to fill the field at 128 players max this year. So, players, during the month of August only and not a day later pay only $800.00 and I will make up the difference along with the $72,000.00 added. I’m fortunate to have many wonderful sponsors which is always appreciated and more new ones as well. Those who have paid $1,000.00 already, your $200.00 difference will be put in your hand at the players meeting. Old proverb, “He or she who hesitates comes in last”. October 13th is right around the corner. Amateur event info coming very soon.
Also, as a BCA Hall of Fame voter I encourage everyone to induct Mr. Jose Parica this year. This man is not only the “leader of the Filipino Invasion”, but the leader of many countries coming to America back in the day and look at all those from planet Earth to participate here in the U.S.A. His accomplishments are endless so please make sure he does not have to wait any longer, he should have already been inducted.