Van Boening, Park, Ebe Head Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open Champions

Shane Van Boening (File photo)

New Iberia, Louisiana -  "The South Dakota Kid " Shane Van Boening went undefeated without a scratch to claim the 6th Annual Ozone Billiards US Pro-Amateur Open. In the finals, he defeated rising mid-west star Chip Compton, among other heavy hitters such as Thorsten Hohmann, Brandon Shuff, and Jeremy Jones. Van Boening went #1 in the player auction and took down a total of $7500 in cash for himself. The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open hosted over 200 entrants alongside the Poison Cues DP Pro Classic. All the events were produced by Dragon Promotions and sponsored by Poison Cues by Predator, Ozone Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, APA Acadiana, Candlewood Suites Hotel, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Master Chalk, Yalin Billiard Goods, and the host Keith Hulin of Emerald Billiards

"We feel Dragon Promotions does a terrific job promoting events and our brand. The Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open has become very established now, and we intend to continue supporting the amateur and pro events in the years to come", said Shawn Gargano, President and Founder of Ozone Billiards.
Philippines Open & World Champion Thorsten Hohmann had a chance to get to the finals but missed his opportunity as he botched a routine three ball run to tie the match in the quarter finals with Compton 6-6. Compton then went on to defeat James Davis,Jr of Texas and faced the seemingly invincible South Dakota Kid in the finals. He would have to defeat Shane twice, and made a great attempt losing 7-5. Chip still took a nice $4000 payday for second while the win further solidified Van Boening as the undisputed King of bar table pool.
"Last year all of us here loved the events. This year the turnout was even better and the experience has been great! I got people from all over Louisiana and it seems all over the world coming here now to Emerald's. We going to make it even better next year for the pros and fans", said an enthusiastic Keith Hulin, owner of Emerald Billiards.

Ozone Amateur 8-Ball Champions were crowned in the earlier days of the event. The Amateur Open 8-Ball saw Ernesto Bayaua take down the 50 player field.  Then Casey Kilian won the Seniors 50+up 8-Ball event and finally Ashley Kline winning the 8-Ball Ladies defeating Japan's Kaori Ebe in the finals.
In the Ozone Billiards 9-Ball events, Erica Park of South Korea lost her first match and then went on a tear through the loser's side to face Ebe in the ladies finals. Park inched over a 7-6 win the first set and then 5-2 the second to claim the title. The Seniors 9-Ball saw Bernard Chang own the field for his win.

The final Ozone Billiards US Amateur event had 24 players compete in the Mixed Doubles division. Again, Kaori Ebe reached her third finals, but this time with the help of her Las Vegas partner Chris McCreary, she was able to get her win finally.
"It's a super busy event producing ten tournaments amongst pros and amateurs in only five days time. But the people in Louisiana are so hospitable and the appreciative players make the efforts worthwhile", said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.
Watch the Ozone Billiards US Amateur Open Bar Table Pro-Am events for free at  including archived matches you may have missed.